Tom Cruise’s MOST IMPORTANT Movie In Theaters THIS MONTH American Made Life of Barry Seal About Corrpution of Clintons, Bushes and Ollie North

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By Ben Barrack

Adler “Berriman” (Barry) Seal was a CIA asset in the early 1980’s. His role? To run guns from a small airport in Mena, Arkansas to the Contras in Central America. Congress said NO via the Boland Amendments. The CIA said YES. As it turns out, Seal was also carrying full planeloads of cocaine back with him in what would otherwise be an empty plane (Do you think it’s possible this is why no one paid a real price for Operation Fast and Furious?).

This month, the film “American Made” starring Tom Cruise is in theaters.

While the film is about Seal, it’s not likely to dig too deep (the controversy would have already begun by now). Doing so would require implicating George H.W. Bush, his sons George W. and Jeb, Oliver North and Arkansas Governor at the time, Bill Clinton.

Terry Reed circa 1994

Another CIA asset at the time – Terry Reed – penned a book published in 1994 entitled, “COMPROMISED: Clinton, Bush and the CIA”. Rife with detail and actual court documents, Reed explains who was behind the illegal operation.

According to Seal – via Reed – the Bush family wanted him to bring the cocaine back:

“I’m in transportation and I transport what the government wants transported. In this case, the Republicans… the Bush family… wanted some stuff transported through Mena and into Arkansas that would end up in the noses of some very prominent Democrats. And yes, I must ‘fess up, I’ve had a hand in that.” (p. 214)

In short, then Vice President Bush – who was the former CIA Director – commissioned North to run the operation. North was essentially the intermediary between Clinton and the Reagan administration. Reed worked for him as a training pilot in Mena. His job was to train Nicaraguan pilots how to fly the planes so that if any were shot down or intercepted, American pilots wouldn’t be inside, thereby blowing the operation wide open, causing an international scandal.

In 1994, liberal reporter Sarah McClendon even raised the issue with then President Bill Clinton at a press conference. Instead of helping Clinton gain political leverage against Republicans, McClendon actually helped expose Clinton in the exchange. Note that Clinton did not discredit ANY of McClendon’s premise, only his role in the operation:

Via the 1776 Channel

Seal and Reed

Barry Seal

In Reed’s book, he talks of his relationship with Seal, who comes across as one of Reed’s mentors. Reed was somewhat new to this line of work and Seal helped to show him the ropes. Reed liked him.

About midway through the book, Reed recounts a stealth flight the two men took in late 1985 to Howard Air Force Base in Panama. There, they met with a man named Felix Gomez (credited with killing Che Guevara), a man named “Pat Weber” who actually turned out to be an Israeli agent and Leroy Tracta, who was Seal’s CIA handler. The purpose of the meeting – among other things – was to move out of Mena and set up shop in Mexico.

At the meeting, Gomez relayed kudos to Reed from his boss, a man known as Robert Johnson. It turned out that Johnson was actually William P. Barr, a close ally to Vice President Bush who became Attorney General in 1991 until Bush left office in January of 1993.

The Wikipedia page on Barr is devoid of any information about what Barr did between 1983-1989. The Department of Justice Website says Barr left the law firm he worked for to take a position with the Reagan administration from 1982-83 and that he returned to the firm in 1985 (what was he doing between 1983-85?). This gap lends more credence to Reed’s work because it’s around the same time that Barr was allegedly posing as Johnson.

Oliver North’s Role

According to Reed, North went by the name of John Cathey. At the meeting, Gomez said:

“Right now, this is Mr. Cathey’s project. View him as the big boss. Mr. Bob Johnson (William P. Barr) in Miami is like a one-man legal oversight committee.” (pp. 210-11)

This puts North at the top of everything, even Barr (Johnson).

Oliver North (aka John Cathey)

Then, after the meeting, Reed recounts how as he was overseeing the re-fueling of the Lear jet that would take him and Seal home. While doing so, Reed watched Seal and Tracta walk away but heard Seal say something to Tracta as they did:

“Well, I’m sorry Leroy, if they feel like I’m blackmailin’ ’em. But this is business and I just gotta do what I gotta do…” (p. 212)

Later, as Terry and Seal were flying home, Seal was virtually euphoric on adrenaline. Reed had to get him to calm down in order to tell him what was going on. Finally, Seal was coherent…

“Ever hear the old expression, it’s not what ya know, it’s who ya know? Well whoever said that just hadn’t caught the Vice President’s kids in the dope business,’ cause I can tell ya for sure what ya know can definitely be more important than who you know.”

By “the Vice President’s kids”, Seal was referring to George W. and Jeb.

Reed responded,

“Barry, are you telling me George Bush’s kids are in the drug business?”

“Yup, that’s what I’m tellin’ ya. A guy in Florida who flipped for the DEA has got the goods on the Bush boys. Now I heard this earlier from a reliable source in Columbia, but I just sat on it then, waitin’ to use it as a trump card, if I ever needed it. Well, I need ta use it now. I got names, dates, places… even got some tape recordings. F***, I even got surveillance videos catchin’ the Bush boys red-handed. I consider this stuff my insurance policy. It makes me and my sensitive s*** inside of U.S. Customs and DEA and those guys are pretty much under control.” (p. 213)

It’s important to remember that Reed overheard Seal talk to Tracta (Seal’s CIA HANDLER) about “BLACKMAIL”. Presumably, he overheard part of a discussion on the same subject.

Seal’s contention was that the Bush family was trying to dirty up the Clintons with cocaine. Go figure, Bill Clinton’s brother Roger ran into that very problem; Bill pardoned him before leaving office.

Can you imagine if Seal made it known to his CIA handler that he had the goods on the Vice President’s sons and was ready to reveal them?

This is where Ollie North (Cathey) very much could come in to play. At a minimum, he would have been informed, along with the Vice President and Barr (Johnson) via Tracta, about what Seal was ready to drop. Such information would destroy an entire family whose patriarch had presidential aspirations.

With that as a premise, know that Seal would be murdered within weeks under extremely suspicious circumstances.

Seal’s Assassination

On February 19, 1986 Barry Seal was murdered in cold blood outside a Salvation Army Halfway House.

Why was he there?

Exactly two months earlier, Seal was sentenced to six months at that halfway house. The requirements made Seal a sitting duck for targeted assassination. This left him completely exposed as a CIA asset.

According to Reed:

“His (Seal’s) attorneys had worked out a plea agreement. The government guaranteed Seal that he would serve no more time in Louisiana than he had received for his conviction in Florida. Because of his cooperation with the DEA, the judge in Florida had resentenced Seal to the short time he had already served, a matter of days. This meant, Seal thought, that he would walk out of the Baton Rouge courtroom a free man. But Pozola (the Judge) had other ideas. Seal and his attorneys were shocked when the judge ordered him to spend the next six months reporting to the halfway house and to remain there from 6PM to 6AM each day.” (p. 221)

Judge Frank Pozola

As a CIA asset, the CIA should have gone to great lengths to protect him. In reality, it went to great lengths to turn its back on him.


Could it be because he was going to blackmail the Bush family into oblivion? Did Ollie North order the hit? Did he know about it?

In any case, some powerful figures allowed Seal to be murdered, at a minimum. As a drug-runner and CIA asset, Seal predictably ran into legal trouble from time to time.

U.S. District Court Judge Frank Polozola was outraged that Seal was allowed to get away with so much and basically sentenced him to death with the CIA’s tacit agreement.

Two suspicious things happened. First, Pozola thumbed his nose at the Feds relative to Seal’s status with them and the Feds clearly saw no interest in protecting Seal; they left him to die.


Seal was certainly a flawed individual but with just a bit more sunlight, America might see how flawed the Bushes and the Clintons are… together.

Seal: Assassinated two months after receiving a death sentence

Seal’s Story

Cruise’s movie is not the first attempt to tell Seal’s story.

In this 1991 made for television movie, Dennis Hopper played Barry Seal. This was before the country was introduced to Bill Clinton and much more is known today:

To Read Part TWO of this Two-Part Series, Click Here

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