Texas Congressmen hector Mueller with questions about Steele & Strzok Republicans finally were able to reach millions of people with facts about prosecutorial bias.

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By Lynn Woolley

Two members of the Texas congressional delegation asked damaging questions during the morning hearings with former Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller. John Ratcliffe of the Dallas area pushed him on the so-called “Steele Dossier,” and Tyler’s Louis Gohmert peppered him with questions about bias.

Mueller and Gohmert Screen Shot (Lynn Woolley)

Mueller deflected the questions as he did for most of the day – by stalling, asking for the questions to be repeated over and over, or simply refusing to answer. Often, he would say that the question was “out of his purview.”

The Democrats reacted to this by reading portions of the Mueller Report, and simply having Mueller confirm that the report said those things. It was as if the Democrats were doing nothing more than trying to read the report to what they knew was a substantial television audience.

Did that strategy work?

That depends on your point of view. The left-wing Associated Press, in an article written by Eric Tucker, Mary Clare Jalonick, and Michael Balsamo, proclaimed that Mueller…

“…bluntly dismissed President Donald Trump’s claims of ‘total exoneration’… Mueller warned that Moscow’s actions represented – and still represent – a great threat to American democracy.”

The headline of that story in the Waco Tribune-Herald was:

“Mueller sounds alarm on election interference”

But that was hardly the main story of these hearings. Mueller was barely even there at all. The headline in the online news aggregator The Drudge Report was:

Dazed and Confused

In fact, Mueller looked old and out of touch. It was apparent to some commentators that he had little hands-on involvement with the report that bears his name. Essentially, his reputation was used as a springboard to issue a report that made a president that most, if not all, of the investigators did not like.

Video: Ratcliffe tells Robert Mueller he didn’t follow the special counsel rules

CNN, likewise, does not like the President, and if you only watched CNN’s nightly panels following the hearings, you’d think Trump is a cinch for impeachment. But the left-wing media was having problems with the spin. CNN’s anchors were down in the dumps, frowning, and grasping at straws. The aforementioned AP story had to stretch not to cover some of the most devastating of the questions that came from Republicans, or to accurately describe how out of touch Mueller really was.

The Republicans, meanwhile, had a proactive strategy.

If the Democrats succeeded in reading the Mueller Report to the nation, the Republicans finally were able to reach millions of people with facts about prosecutorial bias, Mueller’s ignorance of the Steele Dossier, and the fact that Mueller’s failure to exonerate Trump goes against the American Judicial System since it was not “in his purview” to do so.

Ratcliffe focused on the Steele Dossier and the much ballyhooed failure of Mueller to exonerate Trump while Gohmert asked about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – the two FBI agents that emailed about an “insurance policy” in case Trump were to be elected.


Video: Louis Gohmert lands hard blows against Mueller’s integrity

Many Americans who get their news from left-wing media like CNN and the Washington Post may never have heard that part of the story before. Jeffrey Zucker, CEO of CNN, makes sure that his network reports only stories that are harmful to Trump. In fact, on CNN’s Wednesday primetime after the hearings, there was still talk of impeachment.

Assuming there is Russian interference in our elections and assuming it will continue (and who really knows?), a great outcome of these hearings would have been for both parties to work with the President to ensure the integrity of our polling places. Democrats cannot do that. They enjoy the benefits of voter fraud as it relates to illegal voting, and they still need to “get” Donald Trump.

As it stands, the hearings were a disaster for Democrats, a sad day for Mr. Mueller’s reputation, and thanks to a pair of Texas congressmen, an eye-opening experience for many Americans.


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