Shocking Release of Testimony on Russian Dossier implicates FBI Someday, all this will be a major movie or a mini-series.

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By Lynn Woolley

I like for government activities to be subjected to the light of day. So when California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein unilaterally released testimony from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson – I was happy to see what we could find out.

Sen. Feinstein released the transcripts (New York Times)

The big shock was that the FBI, according to Simpson, had a mole inside the Trump circle – either inside Trump’s business empire or his campaign.

That is a huge revelation, and if true, it totally undermines any trust we might have had in the nation’s top law enforcement agency. The FBI has no more business interfering in a presidential election than the Russians do. Even less, in fact, since the Russians are a geopolitical adversary. The FBI is supposed to fairly investigate criminal activity. If they were investigating Trump – and not Hillary Clinton in order to influence the elections — that’s criminal.

Feinstein releases the report on her own.

The California senator issued a statement saying that the only way to stop…

“…a deeply troubling effort to undermine the investigation into potential collusion and obstruction of justice…is to set the record straight and make the transcript public.”

On the other hand, the transcript contains ten hours of testimony from Simpson and Fusion GPS lawyer Joshua Levy that could actually help Donald Trump. It came from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, and was before the Senate Judiciary Committee last August.

The blockbuster revelations from the testimony are:

• Former British MI6 spy Christopher Steele told him that the FBI has a “source” inside the Trump operation.
• The FBI was included to believe Steele’s report because they had “…other intelligence that indicated the same thing” from inside Trump’s organization.
• When it comes to paying taxes, Trump “claims to not have much stuff.”
• Trump knew real estate developer Felix Sater who is said to have links to Russian organized crime.
• Fusion GPS did not obtain Trump’s tax returns.
• Simpson became aware of the Trump Tower meeting between Donald Jr. and a Russian layer when he read about it in the New York Times, and was “stunned.”
• Simpson had no reason to believe that the Trump Tower meeting was a Russian attempt to make contact with the campaign.
• Simpson’s company concluded that Trump exaggerated his properties’ worth in legal filings, but there was no indication of connections to Russia.
• Levy testified that someone has died as a result of the Trump Dossier, but he did not reveal who.

So the main rub against Trump is that Steele thought Trump might be involved with the Russians and reached out to the FBI in July 2016.

Video: CBS News reports as Sen. Feinstein releases transcript of Fusion GPS co-founder’s testimony

Two problems for the Mueller investigation popped up in this testimony.

The first is obvious: the FBI interfering in an American presidential election. That screams for an investigation.

The second is more troubling to Hillary Clinton.

Fusion GPS was originally hired in 2016 by a conservative website funded by a GOP donor – but they gave it up when Trump appeared to have the nomination in hand. In mid-2016, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee picked up the investigation and began funding it.

It was apparently after the Dems started funding the research that Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele. His reports amount to what became the Dossier. If Steele worked with the Kremlin or other Russian sources, then it may have been the Hillary and the Dems that were colluding.

Two paths. Two investigations.

While Special Counsel Mueller is working to get Trump impeached, the Republicans, led by Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Charles Grassley, are investigating Hillary Clinton.

Mark my words. Someday, all this will be a major movie or a mini-series. I can’t wait to see how it ends. And I’m quite curious to know who died as a result of that Dossier!

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