Sandy Berger was Poster Boy for revoking Security Clearance Brennan and Clapper have used their government resumes and clearances to make money on cable news networks.

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By Lynn Woolley

With the flap about former CIA chief John Brennan and former DNI head James Clapper “monetizing” their National Security Clearances –it’s instructive to look at how the late Sandy Berger used his.

Berger was a former national security advisor to President Clinton and a campaign adviser to John Kerry who had his security clearance temporarily revoked after he stole documents – and then lied about it.

Berger went to the National Archives – and walked out with five copies of one of the nation’s most highly classified terrorism documents.

Former White House national security advisor Sandy Berger is sworn in prior to testifying to the federal panel reviewing the Sept. 11 attacks in Washington, on March 24, 2004. File photo by Michael Kleinfeld/UPI | License Photo

He stuffed them in his coat jacket, and later cut three of them to shreds with scissors. He was caught, and he lied. Brennan and Clapper, on the other hand, have used their government resumes and clearances to make money on cable news networks – and to viciously attack the current president.

A new policy is in order.

President Trump is obviously thinking about instigating one. If he implements a new policy, it might stop someone like Berger from trying to alter the historical record in order to make it look more favorable to the Clintons.

The Washington Times wrote on April 4, 2005 about the Beger affair – and about why Berger may have committed the crime:

What was Mr. Berger doing with the documents? And why did he destroy only three? The likeliest answer is that he sought to conceal comments he or other Clinton administration officials wrote on them when they were circulating in January 2000. He couldn’t have been trying to erase the document itself from the record, since copies besides the five exist elsewhere. What’s likelier is that jottings in the margins of the three copies he destroyed bore telling indications of the Clinton administration’s approach to terrorism.

Berger should not have been granted access to these documents.

Video: On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Sen. Rand Paul makes it lcear that he is no fan of Brennan’s

What about the current ex-government employees under scrutiny?

We’ve reported in this space that James Clapper almost certainly made the leak to CNN about a briefing made to President-Elect Trump. That CNN “exclusive” won CNN an award the White House Correspondent’s Dinner – and Clapper nailed down a cushy job as a paid CNN contributor.

Brennan, for his part, is up to his neck in crafting the “Russian Collusion” story that has dominated the media – and he has a similar cushy job at MSNBC. He and Clapper engage in vicious left-wing attacks on Trump on a daily basis.

Note that most former heads of top-secret intelligence agencies that go on TV do so in a non-partisan, statesman-like way. Brennan and Clapper – and Sander Berger before them – are classic examples of why people in a position to use secret information for their own purposes should be stopped.

A new policy on security clearances should be accompanies by a new policy – agreed to upon hiring – that people in U.S. government intel stay off TV for at least a five-year cooling-off period – or until what they know no longer is relevant.

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