Rosenstein vs Comey – DOJ has an Obligation to keep Confidentiality Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein stood by his decision that Comey should have been fired.

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By Lynn Woolley

It was a tale of two interviews.

Martha MacCallum

While the New York Times was quizzing President Trump, FOX’s Martha MacCallum had what may have been the more interesting sit-down when she talked to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

What made the news was that President Trump is unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his recusal. But what interested me was that Rosenstein – when pressed – confirmed that the Department of Justice has an obligation to keep confidentiality.

Since the FBI is under the jurisdiction of the DOJ, that reflects poorly on former Director James Comey and his decision to go public with details of the Hillary Clinton server investigation.

What that means is that Trump was justified in firing Comey. The Comey firing is what the Left is using as the primary justification for Obstruction of Justice – which may not exist.

Trump and the Times.

Rosenstein & Comey (FOX News)

I had to wonder why President Trump would step into the lion’s den, but he did and news was made. He said he would not have hired Sessions as Attorney General if he had known that Sessions would recuse himself in the Russian investigation.

And he railed at Comey about a now-debunked dossier that he felt Comey was using as leverage – possibly as a means of keeping his job.

With regard to the special counsel, Mr. Trump charged that Mr. Mueller is running an office “rife with conflict of interest.” The President made it clear that Mueller should limit his investigation to just the situation regarding Russia – something about which he feels he has nothing to fear. In fact, he stated again that he doesn’t believe he is under investigation.

The featurepapers ran this story on page 1.

Ah, but the Rosenstein angle was buried – even in the NYT story, and the interview on FOX News got very little ink. But to me, it was the more interesting of the two. The Trump interview produced the throwing-under-the-bus of Jeff Sessions, but little else that is new.

Let me state for the record that I believe it was a bad idea for Mr. Trump to publicly flog his AG. The President may be not guilty of Russian collusion, but that will not stop Mueller from looking for something to hang him on – and I see no need to alienate Sessions. But that’s done. Now to the Rosenstein interview.

Video: MacCalllum asks if Rosenstein stands by his decision to fire Comey

Martha MacCallum ran a very good interview.

Every time Rosenstein would evade a question on the grounds that he could not answer due to ongoing investigation, she would reframe the question in more general terms. He stood by his decision that Comey should have been fired. And on the key questions of Comey holding a public news conference during which he essentially had Hillary convicted, then let he off the hook – he spoke (in general) about law officers being trained NOT to openly discuss ongoing investigations.

“As a general propositioner, you have to understand the Department of Justice. We take confidentiality seriously, so when we have memoranda about our ongoing matters, we have an obligation to keep that confidential.”

And when pressed, he said it this way:

“As a general position, I think it is quite clear. It’s what we were taught, all of us as prosecutors and agents.”

This is important because the firing of James Comey is key to the obstruction of justice charges that Maxine Waters hallucinates about. What Rosenstein thinks is important really is — since he wrote the letter opining that Comey should go.

Comey is one of – if not the THE – key to this sordid affair. Based on what Rosenstein said to MacCallum, and it is on videotape, it will be hard for Mueller to nail Trump based on the firing. He may get the President, but he will have to find something else – and I’m sure he is trying.

Based on what Trump told the Times and Rosenstein told FOX News, I’m now very sure of one thing. Trump’s firing of James Comey was perfectly justified.

Now, we need justice.

Mueller is looking into Trump activities vis-a-vis the Russians. Or at the least that’s what we think. Remember, this started out as a counter-intelligence investigation, but you don’t need a special counsel for that. Mueller is obviously going beyond the concept of Russian meddling.

To make it right, he will have to investigate the Clintons and their possible collusion with Russia (including the $500,000 speech made in Russia by Bill), the server scandal of Hillary Clinton, the meeting of Lynch and Bill Clinton on a plane, the unmasking and illegal leaks from within the Deep State, and the conduct of James Comey including his disrespect for confidentiality, his assuming the powers of the sitting Attorney General (Loretta Lynch), his admitted leaking, and the accusation by Trump that he was trying to leverage a debunked dossier.

There’s more than enough material here for a couple of years worth of primetime panel discussions on CNN,

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