When Mueller says Trump isn’t a Target, he’s a Target If Mueller gets Trump on any charge, the President will go down hard.

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By Lynn Woolley

Let’s stipulate three things.

First, the Mueller investigation into Russian Collusion can’t go on forever. Second, Mueller doesn’t seem to have any evidence against Trump. Third, Mueller is desperate to find something – anything – that can be used to toss Trump out of office.

President trump & Special Counsel Mueller (Getty Images)

So when three anonymous leakers tell the Washington Post that Trump is not considered a target, what do we make of it?

The leaks have to come from the Mueller team, or from someone close to Trump.

Assuming Trump wants leaks plugged, we can deduce that Mueller is leaking this information for a reason. That leads to the question – what does Mueller want?  That is obvious.

He wants Trump to agree to an interview – possibly under oath.

This seems to be Mueller playing “Art of the Deal.” If he can catch Trump in a perjury trap, that may be the best he can hope for.

Trump should say “no” to the idea of an interview with the Special Counsel.

The President considers himself the suave, debonair master of the Art of the Deal. He may be. Right now, he seems to be putting bargaining chips on the table to deal with Mexico on immigration and China on trade. But neither of these countries can get him impeached.

Mueller wants heads on platters.

So far, his best result, from his point of view, is a 30-day jail sentence for Alex Van der Zwaan, a lawyer who used to work for an international corporate law firm. This is for what’s called a “process” crime – lying to investigators about his communications with a Trump campaign aide.

His indictments of other “targets,” like Paul Manafort and General Michael Flynn are well reported. But the prize would be head of President Trump on a platter. Imagine Trump, perp-walked and escorted out of the Oval Office in chains, with CNN’s Jim Acosta shouting insane questions.

That’s every liberal’s dream.

Trump can make that dream come true by agreeing to a personal interview. And if Mr. Trump believes this hogwash about his not being a target, he should rethink it. Remember, Mueller still says (according to the well-placed leaks), that Trump is still a subject of the investigations.

If President Trump, in a personal interview, says anything that doesn’t jibe with the extensive database that Mueller’s team has compiled, he will be instantly changed from a “subject” to a “target.” And that’s what this leak seems to be about.

Video: CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin tells Anderson Cooper that Trump is still in big trouble

How stupid does Muller think Trump is?

If the leaks do come from Mueller’s team, then the answer is: very stupid. Mueller is hoping that this bait will catch the big fish. Mueller may not get Trump on collusion, which isn’t against the law. But he might be able to get him on obstruction of justice for the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

If that doesn’t work, he can compare notes on what Trump tells him to what Trump has contended in the past – and then get him on perjury. The perjury rap did not stick on President Clinton, but Democrats forgave all with Clinton and circled the wagons and Republicans had no political will.

Things are different now, with Trump in office.

100 percent of Democrats hate Trump. Republicans, also part of the Establishment (a.k.a. the Swamp) don’t hate him as much as Dems. But many big-shot GOP honchos like Jeff Flake, Jeb Bush, John McCain, and John Kasich despise him. The Mainstream Media hates him for the most part with CNN leading the Resistance.

No wagons will be circled for Trump.

If Mueller gets Trump on any charge, the President will go down hard.

Trump should take this leak with a grain of salt. If he’s really not a target, he should work to keep it that way. That means keeping his mouth shut and his tweeting silent on this matter, and not going anywhere near the Special Counsel.

Mueller wants to turn him from “subject” to “target” to “impeached.” President Trump should stand pat, and let time move forward. At some point, with no evidence, Mueller has to give it up. He can’t investigate forever.


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