How Mueller Exonerating Trump Will HELP the DEEP STATE Exonerating Trump in Exchange For Letting Deep State Criminals off the Hook a Likely Scenario

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Mar 23, 2019 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

It’s almost certain that Robert Mueller’s nothing burger investigation will help Democrats. The reason has to do with the Attorney General who Mueller has to submit his report to. Above all, William Barr is a Deep State ‘fixer’ who was compromised decades ago.

He simply cannot afford to indict Deep State criminals because of what it would mean for him, aside from the fact that he is extremely close friends with one of them – Mueller.

When Donald Trump became the obvious Republican nominee in 2016, the establishment set out to destroy him. Using projection, it did so to protect itself. It accused Trump of what its apparatchiks had done – collude with Russia. That’s what the Mueller investigation was all about too.

At his second presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, Trump said he would instruct his Attorney General to open a special investigation into Hillary. After firing his FBI Director, James Comey, it was Trump who became the target of a special investigation as a result of his Attorney General, the feckless Jeff Sessions, who recused himself. This put the Deep State in charge of investigating the President. Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Rod Rosenstein is very much a part of it. It was Rosenstein who appointed Mueller to investigate Trump.

Most noteworthy is the fact that Barr has decided to keep Rosenstein on as DAG. That’s important because Rosenstein’s signature sits at the bottom of the fraudulent FISA applications used to get warrants to spy on Trump campaign officials.

Furthermore, Rosenstein and Barr were the first people to review Mueller’s report.

Why would Barr do this, unless he’s as compromised as Rosenstein?

Guess what?

He is.

In the 1980’s, Barr committed serious crimes as a Deep State fixer for then Vice President George H.W. Bush and then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton.

Time for Barr to Do Some ‘Fixing’

In 1986, Vice President Bush was in a real pickle. An illegal gun / drug running operation being run out of Mena, Arkansas went sideways. Clinton made a mess of it and Bush needed a ‘fixer’. Barr was that fixer.

The truth about what Barr did to protect Bush and Clinton is so ugly that he simply cannot afford for it to hit the mainstream. That’s why no Deep State criminal will be prosecuted; doing so would risk all the skeletons falling out of Barr’s closet.

So, again, why would Barr not only keep Rosenstein on board but also review the Mueller report with him before anyone else?

Does that not raise red flags?

It should but remember, Barr is a fixer. It’s what he does. The most likely ‘fix’ in this case would be exonerating Trump in exchange for not indicting any of the Deep State criminals who committed the real crimes.

If that ends up being the deal reached within the establishment, it overwhelmingly helps Democrats and the Deep State. It would constitute, ironically, a terrible deal for Trump.

Trump did not collude with Russia. It was in fact, a witch hunt. How would it be fair or a good deal if those who libeled, slandered, framed and committed high crimes get off simply by letting their target go free?

Barr’s decision to review the Mueller report with Rosenstein speaks volumes. Instead of firing and indicting Rosenstein, Barr is colluding with him.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Barr protecting the Deep State by letting Mueller exonerate Trump

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