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By Ben Barrack

In 2013, the woman who would become President Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Adviser – Dina Powell – sat down for a very friendly interview with Ahmed Shihab-Eldin. At the time, Eldin – a Muslim – was working for the Huffington Post. Prior to that, Eldin was a reporter for Al-Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood’s propaganda arm.

The 2013 interview – was geared toward promoting Powell’s 10,000 Women pet project at Goldman Sachs. Though largely apolitical, the interview – recorded at the Aspen Institute’s Aspen Ideas Festival – was extremely friendly.

You can hear Powell reference “Arianna” and “Lloyd” in the interview. The former is far left-wing founder of Huffington Post Arianna Huffington. The latter was a reference to Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Interestingly, soon after Donald Trump was sworn in as President this year, Blankfein publicly criticized Trump’s proposed refugee ban.

As for Huffington, Powell and her are extremely familiar with one another.

Eldin’s Time as Al-Jazeera Reporter

As the Arab Spring was unfolding across the Middle East in 2011, Eldin was pushing Muslim Brotherhood propaganda with Al-Jazeera.

In one article, Eldin was clearly putting positive spin on the idea that the Brotherhood could gain power in Egypt:

Despite, or perhaps in part because of, Mubarak’s banning of the group for decades, the Brotherhood is undoubtedly both the most organised and most influential political group inside Egypt.

For that reason, the group is poised to secure a large number of seats in parliament, if not a majority.

As a voice on al-Jazeera and the Huffington Post, Eldin is clearly a muslim who leans toward the fundamentalist side espoused by the Muslim Brotherhood.

More evidence can be found in views Eldin has expressed on CNN, since his interview with Powell.

Eldin’s Appearances on CNN

Upon seeing Eldin’s contempt for Trump during his many CNN appearances, it’s curious that he displayed such an affinity for Powell (and vice versa).

Soon after the San Bernardino terror attacks in late 2015, Trump made some comments about banning Muslims from entering the U.S. Instead of putting forth views that defend victims of terror, Eldin did what so many Muslim Brotherhood operatives do; he defended Muslims.

Watch how Eldin reacts:

At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, a Muslim man named Khizr Khan made headlines with his speech. Trump made even more headlines when he pointed to Khan’s wife not being allowed to speak. People came rushing to Khan’s defense from both sides of the aisle. Some came to Trump’s defense but no one seemed interested in Khan’s actual background.

Evidence is overwhelming that Khan supports the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts.

It should come as no surprise that Eldin defended Khan during his CNN appearance:

In May of 2016, Eldin appeared on CNN again. This time, he was opposite a Muslim man who founded a group called Muslims for Trump. During the interview, Eldin compared Trump to Hitler. This is the same man (Eldin) who sat down with Trump’s future Deputy National Security Adviser Powell three years earlier for a softball interview.

Beyond all this, any operative for the Muslim Brotherhood decrying an opponent for being like Hitler, has a problem. The Muslim Brotherhood aligned with Hitler in WWII. If Hitler himself isn’t such ancient history to bring up, nor should his alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood be ancient history.

Here’s part 1:

Here is part 2:

When it comes to the alleged Trump “Muslim Ban”, Eldin shares the views of another friend to Dina Powell, Huma Abedin.

Powell’s Muslim Brotherhood relationships

Powell’s coziness with Eldin makes no fewer than three instances in which she has befriended Muslim Brotherhood operatives. In 2009 and again in 2013, Powell was photographed rubbing elbows with Muslim Brotherhood spy and close Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin. Like Eldin, Abedin expressed vehement opposition to Trump’s proposed Muslim ban in 2015. Huma was caught on video expressing that she wanted all Syrian refugees to be allowed into the U.S.

In 2013, Powell Dined with Abedin and the wife of wealthy Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

In 2010, Powell sat on a panel with Valerie Jarrett and Farah Pandith, a stealth Muslim Brotherhood jihadist.

Now this:

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