Illegal wiretapping is a Scandal of National Security Significance President Trump should demand a special prosecutor to begin an investigation immediately.

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Feb 16, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

Well it appears we have a full blown scandal within the security community and Department of Justice that could easily dwarf the resignation of Michael Flynn.

Lt. General Michael Flynn

It would seem that in their attempts to derail President Trump’s choice for National Security Advisor…

Obama and his hit squad may have exposed issues and unintended consequences they never expected.

Such things as illegal wiretapping, conspiring to provide damning information to unauthorized sources and the covert plot to destroy political enemies are just a few of the serious charges that should evolve from “Flynn Gate.”

As a private citizen General Flynn has every right ask for a complete and thorough disclosure of the people directly involved, what other citizens were targets of similar wiretapping and which senior people authorized this covert activity.

These questions need to be answered and President Trump should demand a special prosecutor to begin an investigation immediately.

We are seeing pockets of anti-Trump antagonist emerge via various venues. It is easy to see an attempt to prevent the country from uniting and repairing the numerous disasters created by Obama, his team of unelected bureaucrats and his legion of big government Democrat and Republican followers.

The Federal Government has morphed into a bloated ineffective money sucking entity.

The career politicians have a vested interest in preventing a “draining of the swamp.” Most of them are so intent in maintaining status quo they will turn to illegal and unethical tactics to stop outspoken individuals such a General Flynn.

The Democrat party openly brags about their opposition motives. Since when is not providing complete information a crime and as near as we know it is a stretch to call it lying. Perhaps Hilary would like to come to his defense as she was proven to be the queen of liars, traders and pay for play schemes.

The people of this country have been relegated to fools whose purpose is to be exploited by the power elite.

It is high time that the people of this country understood the underworld associated with orchestrated leaks, selling influence, destroying people that seek to change the unspoken rules of the game at the top. National Security be dammed, there is a much more sinister objective within the minds of these power brokers.

Accusations of Russian influence on U.S. elections is so bizarre anyone with the sense God gave a doorknob wouldn’t buy it.

So in the wake of breaches in security within the most trusted law enforcement agencies; the Democrats revert to the myth Russia was to blame for Hilary’s failure. Meanwhile, they find a fall guy to persecute instead of demanding to know how the illegal acquisition of information within these scared institutions was obtained and who are the real National Security risks within our government.

Thank God Michael Flynn was not found dead as has been the fate of many political enemies in the past.

If this entire episode exposes the corruption within our so called “Intelligence Organizations,” Michael Flynn could accomplish more as a private citizen than he would have as the National Security Advisor to the President.

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