Great Britain’s Leaders Choosing Side of Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists Murdering British Citizens British Ambassadors and Leaders are committing Treason against Western Civilization

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By Ben Barrack

British Leaders Siding with Muslim Terrorists.

As London is dealing with yet another Muslim Brotherhood terror attack, its country’s political leaders and media elites are taking the side of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Consider the UK’s Ambassador to Egypt, John Casson. For several months, a movement among Egyptians to have him sent home has continued to grow and is reaching a fever pitch. No one of high authority from either Great Britain or Egypt dare speak of it publicly out of concern for escalation and backlash. That has not stopped the people of Egypt from expressing their desire to have Casson gone.

The reason? Evidence – as well as public perception – suggests that Casson is choosing the side of the same Muslim Brotherhood scourge in Egypt that is responsible for terrorizing his fellow countrymen back home. As Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi continues to fight the Brotherhood, Great Britain continues to come to the defense of the terrorists.

Just one day before the June 3rd terror attack, the UK’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivered a statement on civil society in Egypt. As you can see, he appears to be undermining el-Sisi’s efforts:

British Ambassador to Syria Expelled

British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Simon Collis (R) converted to Islam in 2016

Today, Simon Collis is the British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. For several years – and during the 2011 Arab Spring Muslim Brotherhood awakening, he was his country’s ambassador to Syria.

In 2012, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expelled Collis and the British embassy in Syria was closed.

Via the UK Telegraph:

Simon Collis, in the post since 2007, was declared persona non grata along with a dozen other Western ambassadors, including the American envoy Robert Ford. Turkey, one of Mr Assad’s most prominent regional critics, was told that none of its diplomats would be welcome in the country.

In 2011, as the U.S. and NATO were actively helping Muslim Brotherhood jihadists overthrow Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi, the same agitation was taking place in Syria. The official start of the civil war there was March 15, 2011, at a time when Collis would have been aligned with those seeking Assad’s removal. The Muslim Brotherhood rebels there rose up against Assad, in much the same way. The policy of the Barack Obama administration as well as Great Britain’s David Cameron was to side with those rebels against Assad.

It is not a leap to suggest that Assad expelled those western diplomats for the same reason Casson is facing similar pressure. Assad certainly wouldn’t have done so had Collis been viewed as helpful.

In fact, both Collis and Ford started a blog about six months after the civil war began. The intent was to publicly go after the president of their host country. At about the same time, Collis acted as a human shield to protect rebel protesters.

While ambassador to Syria, Collis was aiding the revolution to overthrow Assad; he was siding with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Last year, Collis converted to Islam and performed the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). If Collis is now Muslim and sided with Muslim Brotherhood rebels in Syria, would he not be more loyal to the Brotherhood than to his home country? If so, he is actively siding with the terrorists who struck on June 3rd.

London’s Muslim Brotherhood Mayor

Every time there is a terror attack in London, that city’s Muslim Brotherhood mayor Sadiq Khan delivers video statements and lies. He tells you how “appalled” he is while simultaneously smiling on the inside. The reason we know this is because Khan reveres the spiritual leader of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

While taking questions from reporters after the most recent attack, Khan said more attacks are “highly likely”. For western civilization to defeat these Muslim Brotherhood terrorists is to see through people like this and not give them power. That Khan was elected in the first place is an indictment of the UK’s media.

Why Would British Leaders Choose to Side with Enemies?

In the case of Sadiq Khan, Londoners have been duped by a stealth jihadists. In the case of Collis, he chose the other side during his political career. It’s hard to say what drives people like Casson and Johnson. In the end, all four men are working for the same enemy of western civilization.

As to explaining why, self-preservation must be a possibility; Stockholm Syndrome is right up there too.

A great lesson for westerners to learn comes from Philippe Petain. In WWI, Petain was a French General and war hero. In WWII, as France was losing to the Nazis, Petain was brought out of retirement to defeat the Nazis. Instead of doing so, Petain saw certain defeat so chose to aid and abet the Nazis by helping them round up French Jews.

After the war, at his trial, Petain said that he wanted to support France in his heart but thought the best way to do so was to outwardly support the Nazis. This is definitely a dynamic at work right now:

Relevant audio excerpt:

At this point, it’s worth noting again that the Nazis were allies with the Muslim Brotherhood in WWII.

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