Conaway on Russian Investigation: I took a different path than Schiff "This is not a Perry Mason TV show."

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By Lynn Woolley

One thing stood out in my interview with Midland Congressman Mike Conaway – who’s heading up the House Intelligence Committee Inquiry into Russia. Representative Conaway was telling me that he couldn’t speak on specifics – and that, in the end, both sides of the political aisle might not be pleased with what comes out.

I remarked how different that is from his Democrat counterpart, Rep. Adam Schiff, who shows up all the time on CNN and MSNBC.

Conaway told me that this is not a Perry Mason TV show and he felt that discretion was called for. So he told Schiff:

“I’ll get my guys off TV and you get your guys off TV. As you’ve seen, he’s chosen to go a different tack.”

He sure has! Schiff is all over TV, breathlessly talking about Russian collusion to any network that will have him. In the process, he is making a sham out of the investigation.

Rep. Mike Conaway on the Lynn Woolley Show 7/11/17 explains why he’s not on TV night after night — and Schiff is!

Conaway seems to take the investigations seriously. Schiff sees it a pure politics.

Rep. Mike Conaway, R-TX (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

This is the difference in the two parties in AD 2017.

Based on my short interview with Rep. Conaway, I got the impression that he wants to get at the truth.

His comment that there will be parts of the final report (once it’s released) that Trump supporters will not like – and parts that Democrats will not like indicates that he believes it is a fair investigation.

Video: Schiff on FOX News

But then comes Adam Schiff – who wants Trump out of office and plays that card with MSNBC and CNN constantly. You have to ask the question: If Schiff is the top Democrat on the panel, then what Democrat is seeking a fair and balanced result?

The answer is simple: there isn’t one.

Video: Schiff on ABC

The bottom line to this investigation to Democrats on Congress is the removal of President Trump through his resignation or his impeachment and trial in the Senate. It makes me wish that Rep. Conaway had the ability to speak freely – as Schiff does.

I asked him about Probable Cause.

Is there enough evidence to spawn all these congressional investigations and a special counsel? The Congressman could not respond, but the public answer, so far, is no there is not. Remember, virtually everything has leaked out – except the actual evidence against Trump. That leads me to believe it does not exist.

Video: Schiff on CNN

Somebody has to be the adult in the room.

Of the two men heading up this investigation in the House, the adult is Conaway. Imagine if he, like Schiff, was available to the networks night after night. Imagine if he showed up on FOX News as much as Schiff is on CNN and MSNBC. Imagine if he was as partisan as Schiff is. It would not be an investigation. It would be a war.

Video: Schiff on MSNBC

Of course, to Democrats, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post it IS a war. And so it is to Adam Schiff. Unfortunately, that makes it harder for Conaway to conduct a fair investigation.

Editor’s note: When you search for “Mike Conaway on Russian collusion,” you get only this clip of Conaway questioning James Comey on March 20, 2017. Note that a similar search for Schiff generates dozens of hits, as shown in the clips above.

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