Breaking News! Mueller charges Alex van der Zwaan. Say who? Trump is the main target & Mueller can investigate until the end of time or until I-35 is completed.

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By Lynn Woolley

Special Counsel Mueller has bagged another target on his Russian Conspiracy investigation. CNN probably convened the usual primetime panels.

But did you ever hear of this guy?

Alex van der Zwaan, who worked at the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, admitted in Washington’s federal court to making false statements about his interactions with former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates. (Associated Press)

Not likely. Van der Zwann is a lawyer who pleaded guilty to a single charge of making false statements.

As I’m sure CNN reported, this charge has nothing to do with election meddling. It has nothing to do with the Trump campaign. It’s part of Mueller’s investigation into the past dealings of Paul Manafort, who was Trump’s campaign manager for a short time.

This is more of Mueller’s delving into the past of those people who have had any remote connection with Trump.

So another charge, another guilty plea – and still nothing connected to the Trump campaign or Russian Collusion in any direct way. If Mueller has anything on Trump, he isn’t showing it.

Mueller seems to be straying from his original charge.

He was supposed to be handling a counter intelligence investigation, and possible Russian collusion involving the Trump campaign. We’re told the Russians did interfere – what a shock – but so far, we haven’t seen any indication that Mueller has anything related to collusion.

Video:  Hume tells Tucker Carlson that the investigation is “far afield”of the original intent.

As Brit Hume said on FOX News, it seems that Mueller, as with most special counsels, ends up going after people for things that happened during his investigation. But it seems that Trump is the main target – and that Mueller can investigate until the end of time or until I-35 is completed.

Mueller’s “extraordinary” indictment of 13 Russians.

Chad Day and Eric Rucker of the Associated Press breathlessly report about Mueller’s “extraordinary” indictment of 13 Russians and three Russian companies in a hidden social media effort to meddle in the 2016 elections.

Two things about this:

First, since all those indicted are in Russia and out of Mueller’s grasp, this is little more that publicity stunt. Secondly (and I buy a lot of advertising media) the amount spent seems to be infinitesimal. Social media can multiply on its own – but that’s the fault of the people who agreed with the Russian bots and wanted to share.

Is 13 Russians and a no-name lawyer all Mueller has?

If so, and if his indictment is factual, he has proved a low-level attempt at meddling, and (perhaps) that Paul Manafort and his associates may have broken lobbying laws – something that is rarely prosecuted. If Manafort and van der Zwaan broke the law, that’s on them.

What has Mueller got on Trump? We’re all waiting to see.

If he doesn’t have anything on Trump, then what’s he going to propose that we do to the Russians? And if Mueller’s indictments are all about stuff that happened way before the Trump campaign — or for things that he set up to entrap people — then we need to change the special counsel law. Oh, and when is he going to look into the Clintons?

That’s where the real collusion is.

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