Bill Priestap looming large in Trump probe Priestap may be ready to throw former FBI Director James Comey under the bus.

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By Lynn Woolley

As we head toward September and the run-up to the midterm elections, expect a cascade of stories about the investigation.

Witness this little tidbit in a story from PJ Media referencing the major player that doesn’t get much press – the guy who was over FBI agent and Trump-hater Peter Strzok:

“Strzok’s supervisor, Bill Priestep (sic) was interviewed behind closed doors on Tuesday as part of an ongoing joint investigation by the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees. According to a FOX News source on Capitol Hill, Priestap was “a very cooperative witness.”

There is speculation that Priestap may have cut a deal.

If so, he may be ready to throw former FBI Director James Comey under the bus. Priestap may be guy who told Comey not to notify Trump of the FBI investigation that we are now learning may have been conducted even before the primaries.

Priestap on C-SPAN

Priestap could be a key player, depending on what kind of deal he has struck.

Priestap may not want to risk his own skin – and he may be singing, if the FOX News report is correct.

If you want to know more about Priestap, read this column by our own Ben Barrack that ran in February of this year.

We discussed all this at the time –and then sat back as Priestap disappeared from the news. But he’s back and he could be a big problem for pro-impeachment Democrats. If the Democrats are to succeed in impeaching President Trump, they need to win seats in November – but they also need to keep the FBI probe of Trump out of the news.

CNN runs panels to deny that there was a “spy,” left-wing apologists debate the meaning of “spy” versus “informant” or “human resource,” but imagine how outraged Democrats would be if the FBI had been spying on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

If it becomes a fact – undeniable even at CNN – that there was a spy placed in Trump’s campaign far earlier than originally thought, and that a fake dossier paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign was used to get FISA warrants, and that illegal “unmasking” of Trump associates was being conducted by a variety of Obama administration bureaucrats, then the people will rebel against Democrats.

Video: Republican lawmakers press FBI espionage chief Bill Priestap on his former number two’s role in the Clinton email and Russia investigations; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports.

So what Priestap is saying could be a key.

Ben Barrack says Priestap is to Obama what James McCord was to Nixon – someone who’d rather tell the truth than become a fall guy. The problem for pundits is – we don’t yet know what Priestap is saying – just that he appears to be cooperating with House investigators and not with Mueller. Apparently both sides can play the intimidation game.

According to what FOX News is reporting, Peter Strzok “Played a more central role” in both investigations (that of the Hillary Clinton illegal server & alleged Trump campaign collusion) that thought. Since Priestap was Strzok’s supervisor, what Priestap knows may be very important.

Other developments that may not please Special Counsel Mueller.

Monday, the Senate released 500 pages of documents. Among them – text messages between Strzok and his lady friend, FBI agent Lisa Page.

No longer redacted, the texts seem to show that the FBI may have been snooping in to the Trump campaign earlier than previously believed. Remember, it was Strzok and page that texted about an “insurance policy” in case Trump became competitive against Hillary Clinton. Ergo, the talk of “Oconus Lures,” according to PJ Media, FBI-speak for spies outside the United States that could have been effort to entrap people associated with Trump – such as George Popadopoulos.

Dots are being connected.

Mueller is obviously connecting his dots – but other parts of the puzzle point to widespread corruption within the FBI relating to the infiltration of a campaign they did not want to see win.

Meanwhile, the former assistant director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe is seeking “use immunity” in return for testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. His lawyer, Michael Bromwich, says:

“This is a textbook case for granting use immunity. Mr. McCabe is willing to testify, but because of the criminal referral, he must be afforded suitable legal protection.”

And if he doesn’t get it – he’ll likely plead the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination. McCabe was fired in March for lying about his role in authorizing FBI contacts with news media about the Hillary probe to the Inspector General – and he may be jockeying to get his retirement reinstated.

What will McCabe say under oath before the Senate in return for immunity?  What is Priestap saying to House investigators behind closed doors? What is Mueller getting out of Flynn, Gates, and others that he’s applied legal pressure to? Will CNN go off the air? Will all this eventually become a Barack Obama scandal?

The game is afoot!

Come early September, we will know more – and America may see the name Bill Priestap far more often than they do now. Priestap knows stuff – and he appears to be talking.

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