Trump Deputy DINA POWELL CAUGHT Schmoozing with Top Obama Adviser SAMANTHA POWER Dina Powell Conducted SOFTBALL Interview with Samantha Power in 2015

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By Ben Barrack

In 2015, Dina Powell – President Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Adviser in 2017 – sat down with far left-wing United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power for an interview. In that interview, Powell heaped effusive praise upon Power and can be seen nodding in agreement throughout. Power was a senior adviser to President Barack Obama. At the time, Powell – an executive with Goldman Sachs – was pushing a pet project known as 10,000 women, which is ostensibly intended to foster female entrepreneurship.

Trump Deputy Nat’l Security Adviser Dina Powell with Obama Adviser Samantha Power, in 2015

Power is married to Cass Sunstein and has expressed anti-Israeli / pro-Palestinian views. Here is an audio clip from the beginning of the interview (notice how much praise Powell heaps upon Power before plugging her 10,000 women project):

Here is the audio of the entire interview between Powell and Power:

Power (L) with her husband Cass Sunstein (R)

Earlier this year, Power even became a suspect in the Obama administration’s practice of unmasking Trump campaign officials. As a UN Ambassador, Power would have no reason to unmask American citizens. Moreover, it has also been reported that Powell is one of the leakers inside the Trump White House.

Sunstein is a radical leftist who once advocated for animals being participants in trials and believes in ‘nudging’ people into giving up their individual rights.

Powell’s Right-Hand Woman in 10,000 Women is CLOSE WITH HILLARY

When Powell was at Goldman Sachs, her right-hand woman in the 10,000 Women program was Noa Meyer. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Meyer worked in the Bill Clinton administration’s speech-writing office of then first-lady Hillary Clinton. Powell herself, is very comfortable with Hillary Clinton. In 2013, she shared a stage with Hillary at the Clinton Global Initiative.

In 2007, Powell was named to the Board of a Hillary Clinton project known as ‘Vital Voices’, another women-centric operation that touts Global Ambassadorial missions for women.

On June 14, 2016 Powell participated in a Summit known as the United State of Women (USW), which meshed nicely with her pet project. USW was also rife with angry left-wing Democrats seeking to get Hillary Clinton elected in 2016. In fact, Barack Obama’s closest adviser Valerie Jarrett introduced Powell, who returned the introduction with effusive praise for Jarrett.

Just a few days earlier, Meyer was part of an effort known as the S.H.E. Summit, which was closely aligned with the USW. Evidence suggests that this was not a coincidence of timing. Note that Power is featured in the S.H.E. Summit video as well:

In addition to Power being a featured speaker at the event, so were former Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and controversial contraceptive figure Sandra Fluke.

Lest there be any doubt that the S.H.E Summit and the United State of Women are sister organizations, have a look at this, from the S.H.E. Summit website. It features the USW video, which features both Dina Powell and Valerie Jarrett:

Powell’s elbow-rubbing with Power is not an isolated case. The ex-Goldman Sachs executive has befriended Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett. She is also very cozy with Hillary Clinton’s closest advisers Huma Abedin and Philippe Reines.

Powell and Reines (top); Powell and Jarrett (bottom)

As mentioned, Powell’s pet project is her 10,000 women initiative. Intentionally or not, this project provides cover for Powell (who wouldn’t want to help 10,000 women, right?).

Power is not new to this effort.

Hillary Clinton joined by Dina Powell at Clinton Global Initiative in 2013

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