Alleged White House Leaker Dina Powell VERY COZY with Liberal MSM Figures Trump's Deputy Nat'l Security Advisor Has some VERY DISTURBING Relationships

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By Ben Barrack

Powell (L) with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell (RO)

Whomever the White House leaker is, such an individual would have to be loyal to the Obama / Hillary wing of the Democratic Party, the liberal Mainstream Media, or both. One of the figures identified as the alleged culprit has been rather comfortable with all of the above. Her name is Dina Powell and she is the Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy for Donald Trump.

The details of a meeting between Trump, three senior advisors and Russian officials inside the White House earlier this month, were leaked to the Washington Post. Powell was one of those advisors. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were the others.

Powell (2nd from left) with CNN’s John King and Dana Bash (right)

Powell with Abedin and two prominent left-wing, mainstream media figures (Arianna Huffington and Gayle King) in 2013

In 2011, Powell appeared on a panel with staunch liberal Daily Beast / Newsweek Chief Editor Tina Brown and a Muslim woman named Zainab Salbi. When it came for Powell’s turn to speak, she was effusive in her praise of each of the other women:

For no less than a decade, Powell has had relationships with members of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle. Last month, Powell was identified by Got News as the leaker of classified information to the MSM.

Powell (R) with NBC’s David Gregory at Meet the Press 60th anniversary in 2008.

If the leaker has to be Powell, McMaster or Tillerson, Powell’s connections don’t do her any favors. Though a Republican and former member of the George W. Bush administration, Powell has rubbed elbows with many unsavory media figures, to include NBC’s David Gregory and Andrea Mitchell; CNN’s John King and Dana Bash; Arianna Huffington, and CBS morning show figure Gayle King.

King and Bash aren’t the only CNN figures Powell is socially familiar with. There is Zain Verjee and Wolf Blitzer. Verjee left CNN in 2014 but this Muslim reporter was CNN’s State Department correspondent.

Powell (top Left) and Wolf Blitzer (top right) in 2008.

Again, if the White House leaker – especially of the contents of the meeting with Russian officials – is reduced to being Tillerson, McMaster or Powell, it is Powell whose relationships should raise the most questions. Why is she so cozy with so many liberal media figures? Why is she so cozy with Huma Abedin, who worked for Teneo? Powell’s husband Richard Powell was named President of Teneo in 2012.

At about the same time, Huma Abedin was given a sweetheart deal to work for Teneo while also an employee of the State Department. Abedin worked as a Special Government Employee (SGE) and worked as such for approximately twice the length of time as permitted by law.

Powell (R) and Zain Verjee (L) at Vital Voices in 2007.

Powell also sat on the board of Vital Voices, an outfit founded and chaired by Hillary Clinton. In 2007, Powell joined Verjee at a Vital Voices function. Consider, at the time this photo was taken, Powell sat on the board of a Hillary Clinton-founded organization and was rubbing elbows with a CNN correspondent.

It’s already been revealed that Powell has very cozy relationships with members of the inner circles of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Any list of the closest people to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is short. There are three people who are definitely on it. Valerie Jarrett (Obama), Huma Abedin and Philippe Reines (both Hillary). Yet, for some reason, Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor for strategy – Dina Powell – has rubbed elbows with all of them for as long as a decade.

Dina Powell and Philippe Reines in June of 2007 (L) and again at the home of Joe Lockhart in late 2008 (R)

Huma and Dina at a November 2013 Luncheon (L); Huma and Dina in 2009 (R)

Powell and Reines (top); Powell and Jarrett (bottom)

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