Trump hatred may be turning Texas blue 51,259 Texans went to the polls on Tuesday. More than half of them were Democrats.

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Feb 22, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

On the first day of early voting in the midterms, 51,259 Texans went to the polls. More than half of them were Democrats. So-called “experts” say that the unusually high voting on Day One was due to the election of President Trump.

Red Fort Worth

In our big cities, this is hard to dispute.

In Dallas County, for example, back in 2014, 2,587 Democrats went to the polls on the first day of early voting. This year – the number was 4,023. So either there are more Democrats – maybe due to immigration — or there are more Democrats who are voting out of their dislike of the President.

Either way, it’s not good for Republicans, assuming that the trend continues on into November.

Texas has a lot of big cities and all of them but Fort Worth are solid blue. The big cities are growing, and their daily newspapers are anti-Trump. Republicans should be warned that liberalism is on the rise.

Think Progress

There are many indications that liberalism is growing.

When a political party like the Democrats, espousing a left-wing point of view such as liberalism has all the formative institutions, that’s bad. Children start their liberal indoctrination on TV, and then are shuffled off to school to essentially be raised by left-wing academics.

Blue Austin

Even assuming a kid has parents, the kid trusts his teachers far more. Teachers are cool, and are always considered “smarter” than parents – and teachers on the Left take advantage of that.

It gets far worse when the kid graduates from high school and goes off to Berkeley or UT Austin or you-name-it.

Most young people don’t read the morning featurepaper or watch CNN or the Big Three network newscasts—but if they did, the indoctrination would be there for them.

The latest American institution to be lost to the Left seems to be our court system, where liberal judges legislate from the bench. There was a time when the Texas State Legislature made state law and the Congress made federal law – but in today’s world, judges make laws based on their own political views.

Blue Dallas

Unless a young person listens to Rush Limbaugh or someone like him on talk radio – or tunes into FOX News, the left is he/she sees and knows. Liberalism is now pervasive in our lives.

Under President Obama, the LGBTQIA agenda came to prominence, traditional marriage was thrown under the bus, and the abortion culture was promoted.

School shootings, about which we have done nothing, are now threatening Second Amendment rights while colleges and universities routinely attack the First Amendment. Christianity is no longer PC.

Back to that first day of early voting in Texas’ big cities.

It’s depressing to anyone that believes in conservative values. Tarrant County is heavily Republican, but Fort Worth is the outlier. The Dallas Morning News carries a chart showing early voting on Day One is 2014, 2016, and this year.

On February 18, 2014, here’s how voting looked in our large counties:

HARRIS: 1276 (D) and 2807 (R)
DALLAS: 2587 (D) and 2412 (R)
TARRANT: 1528 (D) and 3040 (R)
BEXAR: 2497 (D) and 2368 (R)
TRAVIS: 1598 (D) and 1000 (R)

And here are the numbers from this past Tuesday:

HARRIS: 3833 (D) and 3509 (R)
DALLAS: 4023 (D) and 1957 (R)
TARRANT: 1786 (D) and 2737 (R)
BEXAR: 3278 (D) and 2096 (R)
TRAVIS: 3298 (D) and 1089 (R)

For those outside Texas, Harris County is Houston, Dallas County is Dallas, Tarrant County is Fort Worth, Bexar County is San Antonio and Travis County is Austin.

Blue Houston

Look at two main things in this chart (and there’s more in the article): The number of Democrats voting in all these areas is up – and almost doubled in Dallas.

The number of Republicans is flat or lower. Is this the Trump Effect? Is this nothing more than an aberration based on academic and media hatred of Trump? Or is this a trend?

Our big cities have been liberal for a while – but their suburbs have been conservative.

The good new here is that many of the Republican suburbs are not counted in these charts because they are outside the central counties. But still, it is a warning.

Blue San Antonio

If Texas goes Democrat, there will never be another Republican president. It simply could not happen. So if you’re a conservative, you might be thinking it’s time to do something about the preponderance of liberalism in the media, in Hollywood, and in our schools.

If current trends continue, the United States may eventually be another moribund European-style country where we are all equally miserable.

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  1. VerbosePhil says:

    What a sad state of affairs! It is such a depressing thing to watch the greatest country in the world being dragged down into mediocracy and socialism. it is hard to continually fight the left when they use dirty tactics and anything goes. But fight we must. All avenues must be explored and strategies employed to defeat the corrupt leftists.

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