Traditional Dem Andrew White has little chance against liberal Lupe Valdez Lupe Valdez is a triple minority and that’s what matters to the Left.

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By Lynn Woolley

Imagine running as a JKF-style Democrat in today’s left-wing political atmosphere. That’s what White, who is the son of former Texas Governor Mark White, is trying to do. He’s matched up with a far-left candidate that checks all the boxes: Valdez is female, Hispanic, and lesbian.

On May 22, one of these two will be chosen to take on Republican Governor Greg Abbott in a long-shot bid.

White’s problems are that he owns a company that deals in equipment designed for border security operations. The open-borders Left is on his case about it. Oh, and he’s pro life. You can’t be pro-life and run as a Democrat.

Andrew White and Lupe Valdez shake hands following their debate, Friday, May 11, 2018, in Austin. Moderator Gromer Jeffers is at center. (Eric Gay/Associated Press)

Valdez has her own problems.

As Dallas County Sheriff, she had the audacity to actually turn over some illegals in her jail to the feds. Complying with the law is a black mark for Valdez – but not as bad as White’s support for the unborn.

White reminds me of the days when Texas was a two party state – and both parties were Democrats.

In the days before Texas turned red, we had blue-dog Democrats (conservatives) and yellow-dog Democrats (liberals). When Republican Bill Clements defeated Attorney General John Hill for the governor’s mansion in 1979, he started the trend of Republicans victories in Texas.

Ironically, Clements’ two non-consecutive terms were divided by Democrat Gov. Mark White – Andrew White’s father.

Now, in modern times, the Democrat Party has become a far-left, politically-correct movement based on hatred of President Trump, open borders, amnesty for illegals, abortion on demand, identity politics, America as a world problem, healthcare socialism, the entire LGBTQIA agenda including same-sex marriage, safe spaces on traditional left-wing college campuses, and a generally elitist attitude.

Back in the day, Democrats were known for tax-and-spend policies, but many were anti-socialist Communist fighters, and many more were war heroes. There was a time when Republicans like Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich could actually work with Democrats like Tip O’Neill and Bill Clinton for the good of the country.

As I wrote in a column entitled “Americans must face the fact that today’s Democratic Party is evil,” there aren’t any, or certainly not many, Democrats like John F. Kennedy left.

People like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, and Maxine Waters are denizens of the Swamp that are willing to accept radical feminism, partial-birth abortion, radical Islam in America, and anything else it takes to cling to power.

Video: Via KXAN-TV, here is the complete debate between Andrew White and Lupe Valdez from Friday, May 11, 2018.

I would like to see Andrew White get this nomination.

He won’t, but it would be nice to see whether a trend could be started. White is a full-fledged Democrat – but there is a reasonableness about him that eludes most other Dems.

Ask yourself: what is wrong with a Democrat candidate that holds a personal view that human life matters? Note that White would not interfere with the sacred left-wing ritual of “a woman’s right to choose.” But his personal view is that abortion is wrong.

He may protest, but White also likely supports border enforcement. His company — which he has promised to divest – sells technology designed to locate people hiding in vehicles. White says that works to catch human traffickers; his opponents say he’s making money exploiting illegal immigrants. White’s spin notwithstanding, his company provides a useful tool for law enforcement. Democrats can’t have that.

Valdez is flawed in far worse ways.

Yes, she actually obeyed federal immigration law – which puts her in deep doo-doo with the Left. But she is not fluent on issues related to running the state of Texas. She is well known for her lack of preparedness. Even her hometown newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, has endorsed White.

Still, Valdez is a triple minority and that’s what matters to the Left.

She will get the nomination and likely will be crushed by Abbott in the general election in November. For his part, White has been forced to move leftward to compete with her, but he seems like a decent type. If Texas ever does elect a Democrat, we could do far worse than Andrew White. I wish him luck.

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