Ted Cruz’s 6 policy reasons to vote for Trump Now it's time for Cruz haters to move on.

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Sep 26, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

This will not likely placate Republicans that abandoned Ted Cruz after his non-endorsement of Donald Trump at the Convention. But Cruz has picked a perfect time – just as the debates are getting underway – to announce he’s voting for Trump.

Cruz had soul searching to do.

Ted Cruz gestures at Donald Trump at the debate in Detroit (Photo: ibtimes.com)

Ted Cruz gestures at Donald Trump at the debate in Detroit (Photo: ibtimes.com)

Trump had lied about his father and essentially accused his wife of being unattractive. These are things that any man would find hard to forgive. Perhaps Cruz isn’t forgiving – but is putting his country first. He outlined six key policy differences that make Trump worthy of his – and our – vote.

They involve the Supreme Court, Obamacare, energy, immigration, national security, and internet freedom. Cruz is right to say that, on these issues, there is a 100 percent chance that Hillary Clinton will deliver on left-wing promises – and that would be devastating for America.

Cruz was always going to come around.

Trump – with his loony accusations against Rafael Cruz and Heidi Cruz – made it difficult. But there never was any doubt that the unofficial leader of the conservative movement would sit back and allow a Hillary Clinton victory without stepping up for Trump.

The 6 policy issues of Ted Cruz.

As outlined in a release from Cruz, here are the reasons that he will vote for Trump:

1. THE SUPREME COURT. Cruz lists this as “most important.” He states that we are one justice away from losing our most basic rights. He notes that trump has promised to point justices “in the mold of Scalia.”
2. OBAMACARE. Cruz calls the law a failure and says it is hurting millions of Americans. If Congress sends up a law to abolish it, Hillary would veto while Trump has promised to sign.
3. ENERGY. Clinton would continue the war on coal while Trump has promised to reduce regulations. Trump would allow the blossoming American energy renaissance to create millions of new, high-paying jobs.
4. IMMIGRATION. Cruz’s concern is that Hillary would be lawless on immigration police—as Obama has been. Trump would revoke the illegal executive orders.
5. NATIONAL SECURITY. Obama has been blind to Islamic terrorism – almost supportive. Cruz is pleased with trump’s plan to stop the deluge of unvetted refugees.
6. INTERNET FREEDOM. Obama is giving away the internet – with Hillary’s support! Trump has come out against that plan and in support for free speech online.

To Cruz it became a matter of conscience.

After 8 lawless years of Obama and the prospect of 8 more with Hillary – Cruz did what he had to do. He “endorsed” Trump by saying that trump has his vote. Cruz is right. After the changes brought on by Obama, 8 more years of the same would make our country unrecognizable.

Now can those people who have hated on Cruz please get over it. We all should work together to avoid the disaster that is Hillary Clinton.


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