“How stupid is the American voter”… let me count the ways! Are voters smarter than a doorknob?

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Aug 31, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

How Stupid is the American Voter?

career polsElizabeth Barrett Browning once wrote “How do I love thee… let me count the ways.” If we replace the word “thee” with “America” we could make a list as long as our arm. As Americans we are blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth. Anyone that has had the opportunity to travel to other countries soon realizes this fact.

With that said….

What in the devil is wrong with any citizen that votes for a person that would put us on a path to destruction. This country has managed to survive despite the exporting of jobs, the exponential debt, the corruption at the highest levels of government and the incompetence of our elected officials.

So “How stupid is the American voter”… let me count the ways!  career politicians

First, anyone that believes voting for a career politician will improve their personal life; doesn’t have the sense God gave a doorknob.

Second, anyone that believes the promise of “FREE STUFF” will improve their life; is doomed to a life of poverty and remain a slave to government plantation.

Third, anyone that believes it is acceptable to manipulate the law or even break it; is a partner in crime.

Forth, anyone willing to trust somebody that consistently compromises their values, ethics, truth and violates public trust for personal gain; is a person without core principles themselves.

Fifth, anyone that doesn’t condemn the practice of terrorism in the name of religion; is a person of little faith or a blind follower of evil.

Sixth, anyone that doesn’t believe in the sovereignty and greatness of this country; is living a lie to stay here and making themselves and others around them miserable.

Seventh, anyone that can’t see what our government has become; is little more than a parasite sucking the life blood from the country.

Eight, anyone that doesn’t value the Constitution and the founding documents; is either uneducated or a liberal fool.

Ninth, anyone that believes divisive rhetoric over uniting strategies and objectives; doesn’t comprehend how we are about to tear the country apart nor the lack of assimilation.

Tenth, anyone that doesn’t believe this country and the lifestyles they enjoy are at a tipping point due to the enormous debt generated by the people they elected; likely can’t balance their own checkbook.

corrupt-politicians-protestNow that I have started the list, you are challenged to add to it and do everything in your power to stop it.

We are within days of a critical election. It has been shown that the balance of power (Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court) has been ineffective at serving the people or stopping runaway issues for the past 8 years. It has been shown how spending has reached an unsustainable level. States Rights under the 10th Amendment have been crippled by federal bureaucratic overreach. Our military has been gutted. The immigration laws have been ignored. Our health care system has been compromised by an egotistical government takeover. The rise in crime, joblessness and moral decay is epidemic.

As voters it’s time to admit that we were wrong the last few voting cycles. We the American voter can ill afford to continue to reward bad or criminal behavior, if we do… how stupid are we?? Stay tuned for the election results!!!

Sid Frasier is President of Electronic Assistance Corporation.

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