Story of 2018 Midterm Elections not Written Yet If Trump keeps his promises and the economy continues to boom, voters will take notice.

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By Lynn Woolley

Conventional wisdom says that the upcoming elections will be a “bloodbath” for Republicans. That could be true – but maybe not.

First of all, the polls were all wrong about Trump. Second, if “it’s the economy stupid,” as we have heard for years, then Trump may get due credit. The bottom line is that there are factors in this election that we’ve never had before. The actual job Trump is doing as president is likely pleasing his base. Such things as the booming economy and Trump’s standing up to North Korea should help Republicans. Democrats and the Mainstream Media led by CNN, will do anything, try anything and say anything to make sure the Party of Trump loses big.

It may come down to this. Trump got his tax cuts through over essentially 100 percent Democratic opposition. If the tax cuts prove popular – Republicans win.

DARK BLUE = Dem incumbent running
LIGHT BLUE = Dem incumbent retiring
MAROON = Rep incumbent running
RED = Rep incumbent retiring
YELLOW = Ind incumbent running
GRAY -No election

What helps Trump and the GOP?

The primaries and the general election are still to come – but suppose Kim Jong Un blinks? He may launch another missile test before this column is completed – but if Trump is perceived to be slowing down his progress, that helps.

If the economy and jobs continue to skyrocket – along with the stock market — that could help decide the midterms. Every time Trump gets to announce another factory coming back on-shore or a manufacturing expanding in America – that’s a campaign promise fulfilled.

If Trump makes a deal for DACA – and gets funding to start the Wall – that’s another campaign promise he will have kept – and if can find a way to make it look as if Mexico is paying for it – that’s a winner for the GOP. 

CNN would disagree, but it’s also a winning strategy for Trump to constantly point out that Hillary Clinton has received favoritism within our justice system. As many in Congress begin to demand that we find out how she slipped out of trouble, any new investigations of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation is a help to Trump.

If Trump could do more to drain the Swamp, he’d be a hero to many people that believe the government class is privileged at taxpayer expense. Draining the Swamp is difficult because the Swamp does not wish to be drained. But Trump, if he steps it up, could use this method of beefing up support.

The bottom line for the GOP: If Trump keeps his promises and the economy continues to boom, voters will take notice.

What helps the Democrats?

Democrats are hoping that Trump can be made to look unfit for office. It’s that simple. They know that the Anti-Trump media will pound him day in and day out. MSNBC is a lost cause when it comes to journalism. CNN has better journalists, but they are all bound and determined to get Trump. Impartiality and objective reporting at these networks is history. If voters believe what CNN and the rest say about Trump – that hurts the GOP in the midterms.

Some of Trumps’ tweets – such as the ones blasting Kim Jong Un are actually helpful. But the feud with former adviser Steve Bannon is not. Both men look silly fighting over who gets credit for the election 2016 victory. They should meet, shake hands, and work for the same goals – draining the Swamp, and building the Wall. After all, the two men have similar political beliefs. The Trump-Bannon fight helps Democrats.

If the Democrats succeed in stopping the Trump agenda; if they get the DACA fix they want and still manage to kill the Wall — that hurts the Republicans. If the Trump economy was to tank, or the Tax Bill proves unpopular, Democrats and daily featurepapers will crow.

Video: CBS News looks at the midterms.

Democrats look to Alabama and the Doug Jones victory over Roy Moore as a harbinger. For that to be true, more elections in deep-red states would need to have a flawed Republican candidate despised by his own party, and about whom multiple women come forward to make sexual allegations after the primary is decided. Roy Moore may be a once-and-done kind of candidate. But if more GOP candidates are accused of sexual harassment, that helps the Dems.

Of course, Democrats pin a lot of their hopes on Special Counsel Robert Mueller. They hope that Mueller will find a Russian Collusion connection that he can use to lead to the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump. If Mueller can do that, the GOP is in trouble in the midterms and in the next national election as well. But if Mueller can’t make a case related to his original mandate – that the Russians interfered in our elections and were in cahoots with Trump – then the Democrats will look like petty politicians that have wasted money on a wild goose chase.

It’s far to soon to predict a Democrat sweep in November.

There’s still a lot of water yet to go under the bridge. It’s true that the party in power usually loses seats in the midterms – and this is likely to remain true for Trump. But Trump was elected to do essentially three things:

BUILD THE WALL – a euphemism for enforcing our immigration laws that have been ignored by the establishments of both parties.
DRAIN THE SWAMP – shorthand for cutting back on the power and size of the Administrative State that make the rules we all are forced to live by.
LOCK HER UP – a chant directed at Hillary Clinton, but that also carries a message that big-shot politicians should face consequences when they break the law.

If Trump is perceived to have kept these three main promises (including the tax cuts), the GOP will fare well in the midterms and in 2020. The wild cards are the economy and the Mueller investigation.

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