Split California benefits Republicans especially if we dump Hawaii Democrats would pick up a net gain of two senators – but would lose a third of electoral votes.

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By Lynn Woolley

CalExit is out –and splitting California into three states is in – and let’s make it happen! The whole idea is somewhat preposterous, but do some simple electoral math and it might be a good thing for the GOP – and for the country. For 168 years, the Golden States has been intact.

But that could change next year.

This idea is actually going to be on the ballot on November 6th. The first step is get Californians to support it – then we’d have to get congressional approval. Democrats will wake up before then. They’d get 6 U.S. senators instead of two – but our winner-take-all system of electoral votes – the thing that actually elects the president – would benefit Republican presidential candidates.

Tim Draper, seen here in 2014 submitting signatures on his plan to split California into six separate states. The measure failed to qualify for the ballot. (Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press)

So let’s do it, and while we’re doing it, maybe Hawaiians would like their independence. Hawaii is very liberal and they might enjoy being out of the Union.

If the splitting of California really happened, here’s how it would affect the presidency.

First of all, it would make the entire current state of California less important. It takes 270 Electoral College votes to win the election. Right now, California is a shoe-in for Democrats and, with 55 electoral votes, it’s a key to putting a Democrat in the White House. Texas is second with 31 votes. No Republican can win without Texas.

Now imagine California split into 3 states.

They would, at least as of now, be called Northern California, Southern California, and California.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: This is the top part of the current state including San Francisco, Oakland, the Silicon Valley (San Jose), and the state capital Sacramento. Rural areas may be more conservative – but all these big cities are left-wing. NC would get 2 senators and its electoral votes would probably go to the Democrat.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: This division would snake around the coastal areas, taking in Fresno, Bakersfield, Riverside and San Diego. It would include Orange County, a conservative stronghold. With areas to the east of Los Angeles, SC would certainly be far more conservative than NC. It would get two senators that might well be Republicans. My guess is that SC’s electoral votes go to the Republican. 

CALIFORNIA: This is the name of the third and final division—essentially, Los Angeles and environs. This state would almost certainly be left-wing all the way. It would get its two senators (both essentially representing one city) and give its electoral votes to the Democrat.

The three Callies would still be left-wing – but not as much as now.

This is why Democrats back in Washington will kill the plan. Two-thirds of present-day California electoral votes would go a Republican. Democrats can’t have that.

But why not? A highly-populated state like California that is never in play for presidential elections is not good for the country, especially since its demographics have been dictated by immigrants, many of whom are in the country illegally.

The bottom line is that, if our analysis is correct, Democrats would pick up a net gain of two senators – but would lose a third of electoral votes. Democrats, as a party, may not think it’s worth the risk.

What about Hawaii?

I’m not sure I see a lot of benefit to having Hawaii as a state. It’s predictably left-wing, and its basic contribution of being a beautiful vacation spot would still be true if it were not a state. If Kim Jong Un decided to blow it up, we would have to step in—but we would anyway. Besides, a lot of native Hawaiians don’t like the U.S. and would like out. There has been, from time to time, a mini-session movement.

Why not use Hawaii as a bargaining chip? We agree to give Hawaii its independence in return for approving the split of California into three states. I would vote for that if I were in Congress, then I’d take a long vacation. In Hawaii.

By the way, Hawaii would lose both its two senators and its two members of the U.S. House – and Democrats would lose the state’s four electoral votes. But let’s make that our little secret.


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