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By Barrack


During the Bush administration, liberal writers used to froth at the mouth at the sheer mention of people like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Now, they come to the defense of the very establishment those men represent when the issue involves Muslim Brotherhood infiltration enabled by the likes of Rove’s buddy Grover Norquist or actual infiltrators themselves like Huma Abedin.

The latest example comes from snarky Daily Beast writer Betsy Woodruff, who chides both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for embracing a man who knows all about that infiltration. His name is Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy (CSP). Guaranteed, if those men are listening to Gaffney, they know all about Norquist and Abedin.



(Woodruff has written for National Review and the Washington Examiner as well as for Slate and now the Daily Beast so she may be more establishment than liberal which would explain her defense of the establishment. Nonetheless, liberals the world over share her sentiment on this issue; just look at the list of Huma Abedin’s defenders.)

Woodruff doesn’t like it one bit either. In referencing Trump and Cruz, she writes:

The top two Republican presidential contenders share more than a star-crossed bromance: They are also both big fans of an Islamophobic birther conspiracy theorist who thinks Huma Abedin is a sleeper agent.

Actually, Betsy, Huma IS a Muslim Brotherhood spy – in addition to being Hillary’s version of Karl Rove or Valerie Jarrett.

She then writes:

On the offhand chance you aren’t a long-time Gaffney watcher, a few things about his resume stand out. For starters, he helped push birther conspiracy theories about Obama, writing in 2008 at the Washington Times that “[t]here is evidence Mr. Obama was born in Kenya rather than, as he claims, Hawaii.” He argues that Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, is a secret agent for the Muslim Brotherhood.

That excerpt is more about Hillary than it is Gaffney, whether Woodruff knows it or not. In addition to the overwhelming evidence that Huma IS an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood, it was Hillary who introduced the Obama birth certificate story into the 2008 campaign.

Huma: Muslim Spy

Huma: Muslim Spy

As for Abedin, the truth about her was discovered in the summer of 2011. As everyone was focused on Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal, focused on Huma and reported the SHOCKING details. Huma was a spy. Gaffney’s group picked up on this research and got the ear of Rep. Michele Bachmann one year later and was at the center of controversy when she named Abedin in a letter to the Inspector General’s office.

Woodruff then mentions New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as being a target of Gaffney while again focusing on Gaffney’s alleged Islamophobia instead of on the very significant case against Christie. It’s noteworthy that Rove’s top three choices for the nomination don’t include Trump or Cruz but they do include Christie, Jeb and Marco Rubio, who defended Abedin against Bachmann. In targeting Trump and Cruz, Woodruff is helping Hillary, Huma, Rove and… well… Norquist:

On top of that, Gaffney has long argued that Grover Norquist, who heads the conservative Americans for Tax Reform, is secretly working to help Muslim Brotherhood moles infiltrate the U.S. government.

Big if true.

Note what is missing here. Woodruff has absolutely no intellectual curiosity relative to proving or disproving the claims. She simply smears.

Rove and Gov. Bush inside Texas Governor's mansion in 1999.

Rove and Gov. Bush inside Texas Governor’s mansion in 1999.

As for Norquist, in 2012, he was the largest recipient of grant money from Rove’s Crossroads SuperPAC – to the tune of more than $26 million. If Gaffney’s claims are true – and there are mountains of evidence available that make his case – Rove would have to answer some very uncomfortable questions. Chief among them would be why he continues to enrich Norquist when the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) founder was the man who introduced Muslim Brotherhood agents to Rove and George W. Bush when the latter was running for President?

Then Governor Rick Perry with Norquist at CPAC 2014.

Then Governor Rick Perry with Norquist at CPAC 2014.

Yet, liberal writers like Woodruff – who fit the profile of Rove haters during the Bush administration – would rather attack conservatives who could potentially blow the lid off a scandal that would ensnare Rove, Bush, Cheney, et. al.


The short answer is that it would also ensnare the Clintons, to include Hillary, who has had a decades-long relationship with a Muslim Brotherhood spy.

In the eyes of the liberals, exposing the ugly truth of both Bush administrations when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood is not worth exposing the ugly truth about the Clintons.

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