Is the Republican Agenda more Important to Trump than Locking Up Hillary Clinton? Mackowiak & Barrack believe that if the blue wave happens, we are heading for the impeachment of President Trump.

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By Lynn Woolley

Conventional wisdom says we’re headed for a “blue wave” in the mid-terms and in the general elections in November. If you watch CNN, you’d think it’s Trump’s fault –you know, Russian Collusion and all that.

But what about governing? 

Trump views designs for border wall in California (Associated Press)

Under Trump, the economy is in excellent shape, jobs are being created at a record pace, and Kim Jong Un wants to talk. Any president would take that record into a reelection campaign.

What about “Drain the Swamp” and “Lock her Up?”

Together, these chants refer to knocking down an unelected bureaucracy and making it accountable – and to demanding equal justice for big shots that break the law – like Hillary Clinton. The Swamp always fights back and is hard to downsize. The Clintons, along with Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Obama seem untouchable. All this may decide the blue wave.

The agenda versus the Deep State.

Two friends of mine have opined on this, using the narrow GOP loss in PA-18 as a warning. Matt Mackowiak, writing in the Washington Times says panic is not a strategy and the Republicans need to make sure they one that is appropriately aggressive.

Matt Mackowiak

Ben Barrack, writing in WBDaily, says immigration and Deep State corruption are the most important issues to Trump voters – and that’s why they voted for him in the first place. Barrack says there had better be indictments of obvious Deep State criminal — and soon.

If the Swamp doesn’t pay price, he says Trump will get the blame.

Mackowiak is firmly on the practical side, saying the new tax law isn’t enough to bring votes into the fold; it will take a coordinated effort.

His thoughts…

• Job 1 is preventing more GOP retirements.
• It is now imperative to introduce a big, bold legislative agenda.
• Incumbents must run as if they expect to lose, and pull out all the stops.
• Every Republican should be raising money for their own campaigns or for colleagues.
• Remember that losing the midterms would be a disaster for the conservative movement, and lead to possible impeachment.

Barrack believes that Trump will be punished unless he fulfills his two biggest promises – draining the Swamp and building the border wall. He believes that these are shortcomings in an otherwise excellent record that has exceeded expectations, and that, because of these failures, Democrats keep winning special elections.

Barrack contends that:

• Trump supporters wants to see Hillary Clinton in prison.
• They want to see people like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Rod Rosenstein in prison.
• They want to see indictments flow from an attorney general that is not recused in the Russian Collusion case.
• They are demanding accountability.

This must happen, Barrack says, or we will surely see a blue wave.

Ben Barrack posing for a jacket photo for his book “Unsung Davids.” I snapped the photo with Ben’s cellphone.

Both Mackowiak and Barrack believe that if the blue wave happens, we are heading for the impeachment of President Trump.

Which of these writers is correct?

They both are.

Matt is right that the GOP needs an aggressive agenda to complement what President Trump has already done to fix the Obama morass. Ben is right that a very large percentage of Trump voters supported him to see Deep State criminals – especially Hillary Clinton – be brought to justice.

I would add one very important thing about the expected advent of the much-heralded blue wave.

The old saying, “It’s the Economy, Stupid,” is usually right. Clinton’s economy was good at the end of his first term, and that helped him overcame an entire slate of scandals to win reelection.

Bill Clinton, though, never had to face an onslaught of negative media that includes two 24-hour cable networks, all three network news departments, major newspapers, Hollywood, pop music stars, climate scientists, the women’s movement, schools and universities, and a multitude of organizations and websites that all hate him and have formed a resistance.

CNN, in fact, has moved almost to the left of MSNBC and fancies itself as the leader of the resistance – along with the New York Times and the Washington Post that are constantly “breaking” anti-Trump stories from anonymous and shady sources. No president has ever faced anything like this — not Clinton and not Obama.

Here’s what Trump should do: take the advice of Mackowiak and Barrack. Do ALL those things – AND formulate a strategy to counter the anti-Trump media besides just tweeting about fake news.

If Trump can do these things – create a winning legislative agenda, fulfill promises on the Deep State and the wall, and neutralize the anti-Trump media, he’ll be heading to his second inauguration. The alternative is that someone like Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris wins the White House and America starts to become what California already is.

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