Midterm Elections become crucial in wake of Kavanaugh hearings Another indication of stupid liberalism comes from Colin Powell.

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By Lynn Woolley

Brett Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Court Justice – and the Sunday headline in the Dallas Morning News indicated the Left is now moving to the “next phase” of the process.

Are you kidding me? In any normal time, the next phase would be to put a black robe on Kavanaugh and wish him well as he begins his duties.

If Dems win the House in November, Nancy Pelosi is likely to become House Speaker again.

But that’s so pre-Ted Kennedy.

In this post-Teddy world, senators like Lindsey Graham vote for left-wing nominees like Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, but left-wing senators declare open war on a conservative nominee.

Our country is badly broken, and the Democrats ought to be ashamed. Left-wing gutter politics, violence, and outright anarchy have left constitutional advice and consent in a shambles.

The upcoming elections have taken on a new significance. If Democrats take over Congress, mob rule will have been validated.

Video: From CBS News. Sen. Lindsey Graham: “God help anybody else who gets nominated”

What happens if Nancy Pelosi becomes House Speaker again?

My friend Matt Mackowiak is an excellent columnist – but now he’s delving into horror writing. In the Washington Times, he describes a scenario in the House that is scarier than any Halloween movie.

If Dems take the House, Speaker Pelosi will instantly open up more than a dozen investigations. What will they investigate? Trump, of course. Russian collusion? Almost certainly. And if you think they’re done with dragging Kavanaugh through the dirt, just wait.

What will they NOT investigate? Benghazi will be as dead as an issue as the four Americans that were murdered there. The Clintons will be home free – as they probably are anyway. In fact, with Pelosi back in charge, Hillary Clinton might try for another comeback – and her party is dumb enough to nominate her yet again.

Mr. Mackowiak also notes that the Trump agenda – so amazingly successful, but out of step with current left-wing socialism – will be stopped cold. That’s sad for America, but leftists want a single-payer healthcare and lots of things (like housing) to be considered a “right” by government.

If you thought the country was miserable under Obama, get ready for even more dumb and outright stupid policies.

Another indication of stupid liberalism comes from Colin Powell.

The former Secretary of State who claims to be a Republican but doesn’t act like one was on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria show on 10/7/18. He was there, along with another SecState, Madeleine Albright for a single purpose: to attack President Trump.

Zakaria, as a non-journalist, typical of CNN, did not ask hard questions. It was a Trump bashing love fest. In a nutshell here is what Powell said – and my reactions:

Powell: “Trump insulted everybody. He insulated African Americans. He insulted women. He insulted immigrants. He insulted our best friends around the world.”

I agree that Trump’s style is abrasive. But Trump is a counter-puncher and every insult against African Americans and women typically followed a bitter attack on him. I have not heard him bash immigrants other than those who break our laws, which I used to clamor for Bush to do. But Bush couldn’t get there. Trump does and he’s right to do it. Illegal immigrants kill and maim a lot of Americans. You could Bing it for yourself. As for other countries – it’s about time someone called them out for their shortcomings – as Ronald Reagan did with the old Soviet Union.

Powell: “We’re walking away from agreements. We’re walking away from alliances.”

On this issue, Trump has excelled. Take NATO where Trump has forced deadbeat allies into paying more of their fair share for their own protection. The Paris Accords was a global warming initiative that had no real meaning other than costing taxpayers money that we don’t have. The weather will not be affected one way or the other. Obama’s Iran deal was illegal, and counterproductive. Trump has once again put the squeeze on one of the world’s most evil regimes. He should win a Nobel Peace Prize for it, but conservatives never get that award. Obama did. Nuff said.

Powell: “How can a president of the United States get up and say that the media is the enemy of Americans? Hasn’t he read the First Amendment?”

Secretary Powell must not watch CNN – a network committed to leading the Trump Resistance. He must have totally missed the total lack of journalistic integrity in the Kavanaugh coverage – or the complete and total bias in the Russian Collusion story. With great barrels of ink also must come some journalistic integrity. Note that there is NOT a major metro newspaper in the country with a conservative bent. Most of the media hates Trump – and he fights back. Good for him.

Powell: “The world is watching.”

The world could learn a few things.

Powell: “They cannot believe we’re doing things like separating mothers and children who are trying to get across the border from south of our border. They can’t believe we’re making such a effort to cease immigration coming into the country. It’s what’s kept us alive!”

Powell is no Republican. Leftists like unfettered immigration because of the votes it brings. The “separation” story was manufactured by the Democrats and their media allies. Anyone that is arrested for breaking a law – anywhere in the world – becomes separated from family.

Video: Trump-bashing on CNN with Fareed Zakaria and Colin Powell.

Trump is winning – and the U.S. is better for it.

Imagine if Colin Powell were president. Or Joe Biden. Or Corey “Spartacus” Booker. Or any one of the current bunch of socialists. If Colin Powell doesn’t inspire you to go vote and keep the Democrats from ruining the country, then maybe the thought of Speaker Pelosi will.

Make no mistake. If Republicans lose to the Democrats in these midterms and the enact their current slate of ideas, America will become a third-world hellhole.


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