Midterm choice — MAGA or Dog Whistles President Trump is the center point of this debate – but perhaps President Obama ought to be.

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By Lynn Woolley

Like most people, I’m concerned about my country.

Since the advent of affirmative action – something I believe was absolutely necessary at the time – we’ve been in a major correction with regard to race. The correction was needed – badly – but there is a time to step back and consider what has been accomplished.

Old Jim Cow – who is immortalized and pumped up by Garry Trudeau’s despicable “Doonesbury” cartoon – is either dead or on life support. Slavery has been abolished in this country for generations. People of all walks of life and all colors not only have opportunity in this country – but millions of them seize upon it. From the board room to the playing field to Hollywood and beyond, America is all about taking your God-given talents and succeeding in the career of your choice.

Then why doesn’t it feel that way? 

“Dog Whistle” is a favorite term on left-wing CNN

Unity doesn’t work for the “dog whistle” party.

If we all were to come together as Americans, the Democratic Party would fall apart. It depends on identity politics – groups with self-serving agendas that divide rather than unite. The Democrats count on maintaining a substantial population of the urban poor that they can manipulate.

They need the LGBT community to raise hell over such things as gay marriage, same-sex restrooms, and the surgical mutilation commonly known as transgenderism. These issues keep things stirred up – and, by supporting every lifestyle that, for millennia, was considered abnormal, the Dems have found a way to electoral victory.

The other thing that seems to keep the Left afloat is political correctness. This particular little part of freaky politics holds that if the Left doesn’t like it – it’s not going to be accepted.

So identity politics is PC; personal achievement is not. Global warming alarmism is PC; believing the climate is cyclical is not. Believing there are umpteen genders is PC; believing that God created male and female is not.

According to the Democrats, if you are not in line with this, you may be sending a dog whistle.

To me, this is hilarious. Over the past few years, Democrats have latched onto several terms that instantly identify them as far left. Among them:

• Halliburton
• Climate Change
• Citizens United
• Russian Collusion

Ah, but my favorite is “dog whistle.”

Only the far-left uses that term – and it instantly brands anyone who does. (I stopped reading a Todd J. Gillman story in the Dallas Morning News when his SMU professor “expert” used the term. Game over for me, and the column self-destructed at that point.)

So what does it mean? To the Left, we conservatives, led by President Trump, speak in a code language that send out signals (dog whistles) to like-minded people to assure them that we are racists just as they are.

No kidding. This is what Democrats think of you if you are a conservative. Some of the better-known dog whistles include:

• Make America Great Again
• Nationalism
• Border security
• America’s forgotten men and women

You may be thinking – but President Trump uses those terms. Yes, and that means (to the Left) that he’s a racist. But is he?

Consider this:

To elites on the Left, it seems that Old White Men (OWM) are done, being replaced, outmoded, have had their time, and need to go off and die.

To conservatives, your age, skin color and gender is not as important as your character and what you have made of your life. This is where the rubber hits the road – and this election will tell us a lot: Are we going to continue worshiping diversity or will we become a unified nation? It is the key question of our times.

President Trump is the center point of this debate – but perhaps President Obama ought to be.

When BHO was president, I called him (as did others) the “Great Divider.” In my life, I had never heard a president hate America, as he seemed to. He went on an apology tour. He bowed in front of Middle Eastern dictators. He attended a racist, anti-Semitic church – for two decades. He made no secret that he did not care for the Christian faith.

My response to this was to call him out on the air – and then work to elect somebody else. Obama was re-elected and was called “historic” – not because his presidency was historically devastating to the county, but because of his skin color. This type of left-wing thinking drives me up a wall.

Video: Following the Trump rally in Houston, CNN’s Don Lemon picked up on the “dog whistle” of Nationalism. Amazingly, he still works at CNN.

Then came Donald Trump.

Contrary to what is said nightly on CNN, President Trump is reasonable, he is well informed, and he is a problem solver. Instantly, he recognized that Obamanomics – mainly over-regulation – was hurting us badly and he fixed the problem. His wacky-to-some trade adventures have actually produced some results. He recognizes that China and not Russia is our biggest threat and he acts accordingly.

Problem is, that when right-wing ideas are tried and they work, that’s bad business for the Left.

So they MUST make Mr. Trump into a racist in order to destroy him. When he correctly said that Mexico sends us a lot of criminal and rapists, they turned it into “all immigrants form Mexico are criminals.” The fact is that many are – not all – but Trumps’ comments became known as a dog whistle. He was sending out a signal (according to the Left) to like-minded racists that he doesn’t like Mexicans.

This is absurd, but CNN is absurd. This far-left network has an anchor, Don Lemon, who sends out his own (I hate this term) dog whistles. Lemon is black and gay and apparently feels that people who are not like him are bad bad bad. To Lemon, the problem in America is Old White Men. He seems to consider them, as a group, to be just a bunch of anti-black, anti-gay racists. He still works at CNN. Why? Because this kind of thing is what the Left deals in.

Video: Here’s is CNN’s Don Lemon attacking people solely because of their gender and their skin color, saying white men are a terror threat. Only the Left can get away with this type of open bigotry.

On the other hand, one of the Dems’ shining stars is a race-based nutcase.

That describes Hillary Clinton who ran for POTUS as “a woman” as if no one had noticed. (Well, perhaps Bill did not notice.) But good old Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose DNA test showed that she had virtually no Native American ancestory at all, has climbed the academic ladder by claiming to be a “woman of color.”

This type of lunacy strikes about half the voting public as normal.

That’s why we are in trouble as a nation. How is it possible that diversity is more important than being one nation under God? How is it possible that Make American Great Again is a racist slogan? How can securing our borders and controlling the flow of immigrants into our country be a bad thing?

If I were to say that the United States ought to be able to maintain its distinctive culture that emerged slowly from the Melting Pot over more than two hundred years, that would be a dog whistle to the Left. And that’s what we are going to decide in the current election, and probably the next several.

Are we, as a country, going to go along with the Democrats and decide that it is important for men to be able to pee in ladies room, and that we’re just another average country, and that a nip-and-tuck can change one’s gender, and that we are populated by a lot of mostly-white bigots?

Or do we lean more to the conservative way of thinking – that America has long fought for freedom, that the only pieces of foreign soil we’ve ever asked for is enough land to bury our war dead, that if we are going to change our culture we ought to have a say, and that we ARE and have always been an exceptional country.

Shout it far and wide: America is exceptional.

America is a great country. America, by the grace of God and our Constitution, has become a land of great opportunity for all. The Left may consider this a dog whistle, but I don’t care. My vote is to keep America great.


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