Ken Starr Should Have RECUSED Himself from Jeffrey Epstein Case Former Independent Counsel's Crafting of Plea Deal for Epstein Protected the Clintons

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By Ben Barrack

Ken Starr: Protected Clintons in Vince Foster AND Epstein cases

In 2007, Ken Starr helped craft the plea deal for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. This deal, which allowed Epstein to serve only 13 months, was allegedly drafted to help protect the Clintons. In the 1990’s Starr was responsible for investigating the death of Vince Foster. Foster, who was Deputy White House counsel for Clinton was found dead in Fort Marcy Park in 1993. Evidence suggested that Foster was murdered, though Starr ruled the death a suicide.

That ruling benefited – and protected – the Clintons. So did Epstein’s plea deal.

Reporter Conchita Sarnoff has been investigating the case of Jeffrey Epstein since 2009. During a recent appearance on Fox News, Sarnoff’s most explosive charges were largely ignored. Instead, other media focused on her claim that Bill Clinton lied about his trips on Epstein’s plane.

In short, Sarnoff alleged that Epstein was not prosecuted, in order to protect the Clintons and prevent “a political mess” in 2008. Shockingly, one of the individuals involved in whitewashing Epstein’s case was none other than Ken Starr, who investigated the Clintons in the 1990’s.

According to Sarnoff, Attorney General under George W. Bush – Alberto Gonzales – told her that Epstein would not be prosecuted because Hillary Clinton was the presumptive nominee in 2008 (before Barack Obama) and Epstein’s ties to Bill Clinton would cause too many problems.

Listen to this explosive excerpt from Sarnoff:

In an article by Sarnoff at the Daily Beast, she wrote:

Epstein’s final sentence is so out of line with the statutory guidelines for that crime that it appears the department may have been influenced by the existence of his many powerful friends and attorneys.

Trump Labor Secretary Alex Acosta (then US Attorney in Florida) has been taking much of the heat for the plea deal extended to Epstein in 2008. However, if Sarnoff is correct, the machinations for that deal went much higher than Acosta. In fact, Sarnoff’s implication is that it went as high as the Attorney General.

If it went that high, did it reach President Bush?

Via Jezebel:

In February, a federal judge ruled that Acosta’s team broke the law by not informing Epstein’s victims of his plea deal. In the end, Epstein served a little over a year in jail, with the ability to leave and work out of his own office six days a week.

The truth is that Starr was involved in that lawbreaking and Gonzales’ alleged reasoning helped to explain why.

Epstein’s Deal Drawn Up without Knowledge of his Victims

Brad Edwards, an attorney representing dozens of Epstein’s alleged victims, laid out what happened in 2007, via CBS News:

“They went from in May of 2007, a 53-page indictment. Literally two months later, there’s an exchange of a nonprofit agreement between Epstein’s lawyers and the government and our biggest problem is the victims were not told anything about it. They were cooperating with the federal government. They believe there’s an investigation going on. And meanwhile behind their backs there’s a secret deal happening between the government and Epstein. That’s what was wrong,” Edwards said.

Starr was part of that deal.

He was also representing Epstein.

In fact, Starr was allegedly a recipient of the emails which talked about excluding Epstein’s victims.

Sarnoff also reported that Epstein’s victims were intimidated by private investigators employed by Epstein’s attorneys:

the Florida victims began to complain that they and family members were being followed and intimidated by private investigators who were then linked to local attorneys in Epstein’s employ.

Starr is alleged to have a history of this type of behavior, particularly as it relates to the Vince Foster investigation.

If Sarnoff is correct – that Epstein was given a sweetheart deal to prevent a mess for the Clintons – Starr had no business being a part of that deal.

In fact, it calls into question the entire Whitewater investigation, which includes the investigation into Foster’s death.

There is no statute of limitations on murder so in the extreme, Starr’s representation of Epstein could serve as justification to re-open the Foster case.

To this day, details about what went on behind the scenes in the Foster case remain incredibly suspicious. In many ways, it mirrors the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. In particular, the individuals Starr selected for his team should have raised eyebrows.

Ken Starr’s Involvement

When a reporter asked Starr why he helped protect Epstein justice in 2008, Starr responded that he was “very happy” to help a client with his former law firm, Kirkland & Ellis. That client was Epstein.

The article by The Justice Integrity Project further bolsters Sarnoff’s claims that the deal was meant to help protect the Clintons:

The federal-state agreement enabled Epstein to spend just eight hours a day in a county jail and for authorities to agree not to prosecute anyone else…

…Their (including Clinton) precise relationships with Epstein remain unclear in many instances, which is a natural consequence of the slap-on-the-wrist plea deal for him that short-circuited disclosure in the courts.

Regardless of Starr’s intentions, the consequences of what he did served to protect the Clintons and Epstein at the expense of young teenage girls’ claims against Epstein.

We’ve Seen This Before

When Starr led the investigation into Vince Foster’s death, ruling the death a suicide would have helped the Clintons. That’s exactly what Starr did.

However, a man named Patrick Knowlton presented a problem for Starr. You see, Knowlton arrived at Fort Marcy Park on the day of Foster’s death. It was pure happenstance; Knowlton needed to use a restroom.

In testimony from which he never wavered, Knowlton insisted that Foster’s car was not in the park at the time Foster’s body must’ve been there. This presented huge problems for Starr because in order for Foster to drive his car to the park to shoot himself, the car would necessarily have to be there.

Foster’s lead investigator – a man named Brett Kavanaugh – attempted to smear Knowlton as a homosexual during grand jury testimony; Knowlton actually walked out. Years later, karma would seem to get Kavanaugh in the smearing department, during his nomination hearings for U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

In addition to being smeared by Kavanaugh, Knowlton insisted he was intimidated in the streets by some sort of federal agents.

Prior to Kavanaugh becoming lead investigator, Miguel Rodriguez resigned from the job because he said he was stopped from pursuing the case.

When Starr took the Foster case, he hired a liberal to be at his right hand. That man – Mark Tuohey – was a very close friend to the Clintons. Here is Chris Ruddy’s account from the 1990’s:

You can read more about Knowlton here.

Watch Knowlton explain what happened to him and ask yourself if Starr ran an investigation similar to how he defended Epstein, both with one common consequence – protecting the Clintons:

Here is a link to the 14-page indictment of Epstein.

Watch the full interview with Conchita Sarnoff on July 8:

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