Seven Days Congressman Jim Jordan Will NEVER FORGET After Giving DOJ Seven Days to Reply to Subpoena, Congressman Suffers Worse Fate

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By Ben Barrack

On June 28th, Congress passed a resolution that gave Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein seven days to comply with a subpoena. If the DOJ did not turn over documents, Congress would hold Rosenstein in contempt or move to impeach him. During a congressional hearing earlier that day, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Rosenstein the following:

“You have seven days to get your act together.”

Jordan could not have known that the next seven days would be far tougher on him than on Rosenstein. After the hearing, Congress passed a resolution that gave Rosenstein and the Department of Justice seven days to comply with a subpoena and turn over documents or be held in contempt.

Soon thereafter, the Deep State targeted Jordan. On July 3rd, Ohio State University published an update on sexual misconduct allegations against an individual who died in 2005. That individual was a physician for the Ohio State wrestling team at a time when Jordan was an assistant coach there.

Especially relevant was an excerpt in the statement in bold:

Perkins Coie is the exact same law firm that represents Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS, which hired Christopher Steele to compile the infamous anti-Trump dossier.

Rosenstein’s Deadline – July 5

The seven day deadline issued to Rosenstein on June 28th arrived on July 5th. For Jordan, it’s a day he would likely rather forget much more than Rosenstein.

That day, reports surfaced that Jordan knew about the sexual abuse and did nothing. Jordan has flatly denied these claims.

On the night of July 5th, Jordan’s nephew Eli Stickley was on interstate 74, traveling westbound with another passenger. Stickley, a junior at Wisconsin, was going to visit his sister, when he died in a car accident.

According to the Springfield News-Sun:

According to Indiana State Police, Stickley was driving a black 2004 Nissan Frontier, headed west on Interstate 74 in Henry County. The Nissan left the road into a right-hand-ditch, overcorrected and rolled across the westbound lanes of traffic.

Stickley and a passenger, who was not identified, were taken to Illini Hospital in Silvis, where Stickley was pronounced dead.

The deadline for Rosenstein and the DOJ to comply with the subpoena technically expired a short time later, at midnight.

Jordan appeared on Special Report with Bret Baier the next day, on July 6th. At the end of the interview, a choked up Jordan discussed his nephew after adamantly denying the allegations against him.

Here is the relevant audio at the end of the interview:

Is it possible that Stickley’s death is just a macabre coincidence? Of course.

How likely is that coincidence? What are the odds? Long?

Deep State has targeted Jordan

What no one can deny is that the Deep State has targeted Jordan. It’s doing so through Perkins Coie and the Ohio State sexual abuse allegations against a deceased man. The timing of Stickley’s death is incredibly fortuitous for the Deep State. The forces aligned against Jordan know they can benefit from it if Jordan backs down.

Even if his death was a completely unrelated accident, the Deep State knows it has sowed seeds of doubt in Jordan’s mind. There is no way he’s not wondering if there is a connection or what might happen if he continues pressing forward.

We will know soon enough how much it affects him.

As a relevant aside, the DOJ still has not complied with the subpoena.

Here is the June 28 exchange between Jordan and Rosenstein, the most fiery of the day:

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