Hypocrite Elizabeth Warren calls Trump “Corruption in the Flesh” Warren is becoming somewhat dangerous as she could become the next president of the United States.

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By Lynn Woolley
September 17, 2019

So Elizabeth Warren, who for years lied about her “Native American roots” and who is a rich and pampered former college professor, has told her screaming fans that President Trump is “corruption in the flesh.”  This is rich.  “Pocahontas,” as Trump calls her, and “Papoose” as I often call her, has been the subject of ridicule over her own lies about her identity.

But now, this woman is becoming somewhat dangerous as she could become the next president of the United States.  Back on August 22, I wrote this in a column for WBDaily:

As candidates like Jay Inslee start to drop out, and others such as Bill de Blasio and Beto O’Rourke are fading, it seems to me that just three of them have a chance. Biden does because of his experience, political machine, and status as a former senator and vice-president. Elizabeth Warren is the new darling of the Progressive Movement, and is a wealthy female. Kamala Harris is a “woman of color” and has a powerful machine behind her. I think Biden will be tossed aside as too old and with too much baggage. If the primary focuses on socialist policies, give the advantage to Warren. If the primary turns totally to issues of race and reparations, Harris will win. I think the eventual nominee will be Warren. If she becomes the Dem’s standard bearer, Trump will have a lot of material to work with.

I still think she will be the nominee.

Warren is now playing to large crowds.  The networks have taken to attending her rallies and interviewing her supporters about how Joe Biden’s and Bernie Sander’s “time has passed.” 

Trump & Pocahontas (Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MS)

Warren gives them most of what the progressive Left is looking for:  a historic first female president if she wins the general election, a far-left progressive that despises corporations, a socialist that will fulfill the Left’s desire for bigger and more intrusive government, a supporter of more gun laws and the climate change fraud, and, of course, she hates Donald Trump.

She has a plan for all those things.  And her crowds are growing.  But her promise to root out corruption in government is mind-boggling.

Warren is a rich academic, accustomed to being coddled.

It’s hard to imagine that she even notices corruption – especially since lying about her ethnicity came so easy.  Yet in New York, she blasted Donald Trump saying:

“Corruption has put our planet at risk.  Corruption has broken our economy.  And corruption is breaking our democracy.”

Oh so?  That first reference is likely regarding climate change a.k.a. global warming.  The planet may be in a warming trend, but even if it is, spending trillions of dollars that we don’t have to stop it will certainly destroy us. 

As to her second point — I need some help.  The Obama years were moribund and stagnant.  Trump came into office and things picked up quickly.  Warren can disagree with his tariffs – but unless I’m reading newspapers from some other planet, the economy is amazingly strong.  Things are brighter now for blacks and Hispanics than ever before.   More jobs are being created than we’ve seen in years.  Even salaries have gone up.  Yet Warren and other Democrats insist that Trump is destroying the economy – and their zombies agree.

As for corruption breaking our democracy, I will say this.  It’s nice to see Democrats now extolling the virtues of democracy.  But they do so while proposing to replace it with socialism.  That’s a classic definition of “crazy.”   The fact is that Trump won the Electoral College and became president under the constitutional rules of our democracy.  If he loses in 2020, he will step down and there will be no coup and no blood will flow.  Our democracy is just fine. 

Video:  Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump is ‘corruption in the flesh’

Warren seems to hate the business world.

Maybe that’s because she comes from the academic world where reality is skewed.  A tenured professor can’t even get fired.  Warren doesn’t seem to realize that big corporations and small businesses create the jobs and write the paychecks that keep the economy afloat.  She told the New York crowd:

“Giant corporations have bought off our government.”

She has a plan for that. 

She would “end lobbying as we know it” by instituting a lifetime ban on members of Congress and White House cabinet secretaries from ever becoming lobbyists.  Corporate lobbyists would be blocked from working in the federal government.  There’s something she and I can agree upon.  I have long railed against “the lobbying cesspool.”

But she has to understand that corporations are affected by thousands of government laws and regulations and they should have some say in those laws just as all Americans should.  On the other hand, lobbyists are powerful.  Real powerful.  It’s doubtful that President Warren could snap her fingers and make them go away.  It’s a nice promise, but too many government officials such as Trent Lott go on to become very rich as lobbyists.  They will never give that up for any president.

So who’s the most corrupt?  Trump or Warren?

I’m not going say that Donald Trump is an angel who’s never misstated anything or crossed any lines.  We all know better than that.  But the hypocrite Warren is far worse because she is not only corrupt but is a socialist as well.  She and Trump are going to have some raucous debates!


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