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Hillary Clinton’s tired liberalism showcased in Debate

By Lynn Woolley

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If you thought Hillary Clinton won Debate Number One [2]at Hofstra University – you can probably cite all her new ideas. Except there weren’t any. She was predictably liberal, essentially running as Obama’s third term.

Her answer to the first question about creating jobs was telling.

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She rattled off left-wing talking points about working parents, equal pay for women, and paid family leave – none of which create jobs. She attacked Trump over climate change – one of the Democrats’ sacrosanct beliefs.

She had a government solution for every problem – such as free college tuition. She called “stop and frisk” – the program that lowered the crime rate in New York – unconstitutional.

Video: Debate highlights. Hillary has lots of ideas to screw business & spend money. Trump has a few of his own.

She scored points needling Trump on his refusal to release his income tax returns and the birther issue – but her platform is the same old same old. If you like Obama, you’ll like Clinton.

Trump had all the new ideas.

Say what you will about Trump being non-presidential or too bombastic. His ideas on vetting refugees, enforcing the border, trade, and job creation might work if tried. Hillary’s ideas are Obama’s ideas – only more so.

Democrats’ ideas about the economy are mostly how to screw businesses and tax them (or the people) to hand out freebies to somebody else. If Hillary’s ideas are so great, then why aren’t they working for Obama? Remember, she is running to be this third term. Under Obama we have reached nearly $20 trillion in debt. Hillary will make it worse with her Big Government proposals.

For Hill to score points, she had to attack.

So she went after Trump on several fronts. She attacked his treatment of women, his refusal to release his income tax returns [4], and his involvement in the birther issue [5]. The response to each of these issues is simple. Trump fights back at anyone that goes after him – even women. On income tax returns – he should release them on the same day she releases the 33,000 deleted emails. (That should shut her up.) The birther issue did not originate with Trump by may have gotten its start from Sidney Blumenthal [6]—a longtime close associate to Hillary that is so corrupt that President Obama refused to allow Hillary to hire him at State.

So she attacked. And he attacked. And so it went.

But on the issues – the agenda items we should care about for the future of the country – Trump had some ideas that might work. [7] Hillary Clinton had nothing but more of the same [8]. Bottom line: if you like the way the economy is – the way the country is – race relations – the international situation – then vote Hillary.

Obama’s ideas are her ideas. She’s running to be his third term.