Hillary Clinton will never be my President. I hope she fails. I believe that while Donald Trump is crude, Hillary Clinton is criminal.

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By Lynn Woolley

The election is upon us.

At this writing I am concerned about the possibility that Hillary might be elected, but hopeful for Donald Trump. No matter what happens, I will never accept Hillary Clinton as a legitimate president.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Going back to her days on the Watergate Committee, she has been devoid of ethics. Self centered. Corrupt. Lawless. A pathological liar.

I believe that while Donald Trump is crude, Hillary Clinton is criminal.

If she is elected and sworn in, she will remain under investigation and could be impeached depending on which party takes the House and Senate. Scandals will continue because that’s the nature of Bill and Hillary Clinton. I can’t wrap my head around that. Nor can I accept the liberal agenda that Hillary has proposed. I believe she will be pulled to the far left by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. So I hope she fails.

The “costs” of President Hillary Clinton.

The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial, counts them down. It is not pretty—what Hillary would do. The WJS editors see these things (and some that I have added) in our future should she win:

• She would continue Obama’s march to a French-style welfare state.
• She would continue virtually all of Obama’s agenda.
• She would move the country even further to the left.
• She proposes higher taxes.
• She proposes more spending on entitlements.
• She supports more subsidies (like ethanol & renewable energy).
• She wants more price controls in Obamacare.
• She supports more regulations on business.
• She supports limits on political speech (Citizen’s United).
• She would enforce liberal cultural values like homosexuality and abortion.
• She would impose her values on schools and churches.
• Her policies would lead to years of slow economic growth as under Obama.
• She would work to make us all “equal” and, thus, miserable.
• She supports income redistribution.
• She will nominate left-wing activist justices to the Supreme Court.
• She will have no money to rebuild the military.
• She will open the border.
• She will allow poorly-vetted Muslims in as refugees.

The editorial suggests that we’d have years of 1 percent growth, leading to redistribution of a much smaller pie. This would lead to social tension and enmity between opposing constituencies. In addition, Mrs. Clinton has been no more willing than Obama to negotiate with Republicans. If Democrats take the Senate – look out. If they take both houses of Congress, she will be able to control all legislation including the power of the purse. America will become a hellhole.

Polices are one thing. Scandal is another. 

James Comey grilled at hearing

James Comey grilled at hearing

It is not likely that after 40 years the Clintons can change their stripes. Full details of Clinton scandals over the years could fill a set of encyclopedias if such a thing still existed. Trust me; there will be more scandals. The email thing is not ever by a long shot regardless of what our sick FBI Director Comey says. The story of Huma Abedin has not yet been fully written. Bill’s affairs with women may still come back to bite Hillary.

Hillary has seen what she can get away with in an administration with political hacks at DOJ, the IRS, and the FBI. She must like it. Under that model she has broken the law and suffered no consequences. Expect her to keep James Comey and Loretta Lynch for the excellent jobs they have done, not for their country, but for her.



Expect the least transparent administration in history.

The Clintons will not act above board and in the light of day just because she wins the election. Remember, she has one policy for the ignorant masses (you and me) and another for her wealthy elite donors. The Clintons will remain secretive.

They will be the first husband-wife team to serve at least 12 years in the Oval Office and perhaps 16 years so long as Low Information Voters can be fooled. She will seek out the counsel of some of the most slimy liberals in the world: George Soros, Sidney Blumenthal, David Brock, John Podesta, Terry McAuliffe and her vice-president Tim Kaine. Our freedoms will dissipate.

Every trump vote countsMy fingers are crossed for Donald Trump and for America.

I’ll take crudeness over corruption any day. I do not approve of what Hillary Clinton has done so far. I do not sign on to anything in her agenda because it is bad for my country. If she becomes president, America will be in survival mode.

Because she is corrupt, I will not accept her as my president. Because her left-wing agenda would be disastrous, I hope she fails.


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