GOP should DEMAND an FBI probe into Beto O’Rourke’s hit-and-run If you believe Officer Carerra then Beto is a liar and he’s not fit for the U.S. Senate.

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By Lynn Woolley

Back on September 27, 1998, at the age of 26, a stone-cold drunk Beto O’Rourke lost control of his car on I-10 in El Paso.

The police report says he hit a truck, crossed the center median, and then attempted to leave the scene.

The investigating officer was Richard Carrera. O’Rourke blew 0.136 – well above the legal limit and he was too drunk to speak clearly. For the record, I believe Officer Carrera.

Beto’s hit-and-run police report – September 27, 1998

Note that if the officer is telling the truth, then Beto O’Rourke is lying.

By Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s standards, O’Rourke is not fit to serve in the United States Senate.

In this case, there are police records, and witnesses and O’Rourke was well out of his teens. If there’s a dispute, perhaps a weeklong FBI investigation could tell us what precisely happened.

If O’Rourke did this crime and is now lying about it, perhaps Beto should drop out of the race.

Remember, Beto is constantly called Kennedy-esque by the adoring media.

I always thought they were comparing him to JFK, but now I realize it’s actually Edward Kennedy that Beto resembles. Teddy left the scene too.

Beto O’Roarke, the Democrat candidate for Senate in Texas (l); and embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (r). (AP/Reuters)

Of course, the left-wing double standard applies to Beto and Keith Ellison.

Democrats in Minnesota have investigated the sexual abuse allegations against U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, a party bigwig who wants to be Attorney General of his state.

The conclusion was that there is no corroboration for what Ellison’ ex-girlfriend is changing – therefore, presumably, no case.

Maybe the Democrat double standard works in Minnesota, but in Texas, we ought to make the Democrats live up to their own rhetoric.

Look at Beto O’Rourke’s rap sheet.

• When O’Rourke was a teenager (19), he reviewed a Broadway musical in his college newspaper saying that the actresses’ “only qualifications seem to be their phenomenally large breasts and tights buttocks.”
• His infamous hit-and-run as outlined above in which he said he had consumed just two beers.
• Some three years before the hit-and-run, Beto was arrested for burglarizing a campus building at the University of Texas at El Paso.
• In his first term in the U.S. House, Beto bought Twitter shares in an IPO that members had been warned against due to insider trading issues.
• After Legistorm, a congressional news site, found out about the Twitter buy, Beto admitted to other questionable IPO purchases.

So far, O’Rourke seems to have made a clean getaway from all his crimes, possibly due to some under-the-rug sweeping in El Paso where his family held political power – or simply because he is a Democrat and the rules are different for him.

His excuses for the above: (1) he recently apologized for the review, (2) lied about his alcohol consumption and denied he left the scene in spite of evidence to the contrary, (3) claimed that the burglary was a college prank though he was not in college at the time, and (4) admitted that he had made the buys and sent the U.S. Treasury a check for what he said were his profits, and (5) never seemed to pay a price for any of this. He’s a Democrat, remember.

So bring on the FBI.

I want to confirm how drunk he was, whether he lied about leaving the scene, whether his family helped get him off the legal hook, why (at 19) he was focused on women’s breasts and butts instead of their talent (how totally insensitive to women!), what did he steal from UTEP and did he give it back, and did he really turn in his IPO profits.

Shouldn’t we know these things before we send a criminal to the U.S. Senate? According Chuck Schumer, if you believe Christine Blasey Ford, then Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a liar and not fit for the Supreme Court. That’s now the “Schumer Standard.”

Let’s apply it to our boy Beto.

If you believe Officer Carerra who wrote all this down right after it took place, then Beto is a liar and he’s not fit for the U.S. Senate. Besides, an FBI investigation would only take a week.

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