Congressman John Carter must step up game to defeat MJ Hegar Most of all, I’d like to see Rep. Carter get tough on illegal immigration – the defining issue of our time.

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By Lynn Woolley

Let’s get something straight right up front.

I plan to support and vote for Rep. John Carter. He and I have our differences over immigration, but he’s far better than his Democratic challenger, Mary Jennings “MJ” Hegar, whose slogan “Protect Our Progress” says all you need to know.

Rep John Carter R-TX

Mr. Carter has raised more money than she has – but she has enough to mount a challenge. She also has a story to tell, and a viral video. So I’d like to see Rep. Carter in the district meeting with the people. Hold some town halls. Attend Tea Party meetings. Mingle with us. Shake our hands. Tell us that you support the agenda of President Trump.

Most of all, I’d like to see Rep. Carter get tough on illegal immigration – the defining issue of our time. Ms. Hegar is a typical left-wing Democrat and her platform looks like that of Nancy Pelosi. But she’s hot and she could win.

Hegar has enough cash to compete.

According to Open Secrets, Carter has raised $730,000 this election cycle through March 31. (He may have a larger campaign chest from past fundraising.) Hegar has raised $496,167. That tells us that she has a constituency and that District 31 is NOT a safe Republican seat.

Carter is facing an opponent the Mainstream Media will love.

Hegar is a woman – very important to the diversity crowd. But she’s also a decorated pilot in the Air Force. She’s worked to abolish a ban on women serving in combat roles – something I oppose, but leftists support.

Her video, entitled “Doors” has reportedly been viewed more than 2 million times. It tells her story of escaping domestic abuse as a child and going on to be an Air Force pilot. Mr. Carter has no such backstory.

In fact, Carter has been serving since 2002 and hasn’t really had a major electoral challenge. He is also 76 years old. Mr. Carter must work to look like the future and not the past.

Video: MJ Hegar’s video “Doors” has gone viral

Fixing Congressman Carter’s problems.

His Central Texas district that ranges from Round Rock to Fort Hood to Temple is diverse – and that means Hegar has a chance. But there are some things he has to address.

According to ABC News, Mr. Carter was part of a “secret” group” that make backdoor agreements on immigration including a “path to citizenship.” This is from the March 2013 ABC article:

The congressman [Gutierrez] also acknowledged ongoing negotiations among a “secret” group of eight House lawmakers, as did House Speaker John Boehner, who said that immigration reform remains a “top priority.” Boehner said the House’s secret bipartisan immigration group, which continues to meet regularly, is “essentially in agreement over how to proceed” on “a pretty responsible solution.”  A source tells ABC News that the House group, which has been keeping a low profile, includes: Democratic Reps. Xavier Becerra (Calif.), Gutiérrez , Zoe Lofgren (Calif.), and John Yarmouth (Ky.) The Republicans are Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (Fla.), Sam Johnson (Texas), John Carter (Texas), and Labrador (Idaho).

Being part of a “secret” group on a defining issue is never good. Hanging out with a left-wing congressman from Chicago who actually is more in alignment with Mexico’s needs is worse. As they say in Washington, the optics are bad.

Video: Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune interviewed two members of the U.S. House’s “Gang of 8” — Reps. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and John Carter, R-Round Rock — about comprehensive immigration reform: why we need it, what it should include and whether the votes are there in Congress to pass it. Posted April 30, 2013.

Another problem is the lack of a relationship between Congressman Carter and his constituents. Back in February of last year, the Texas Tribune reported that most of the Texas congressional delegation had decided not to hold in-person townhalls. In fact, at that time, only Beto O’Rourke had committed to doing so – and he’s the guy running against Ted Cruz.

Rep. Carter was prominently mentioned the article:

This lack of town halls has led to the creation of “empty chair” events across the country, where constituents hold events to express their concerns to their representatives — whether they decide to show up or not. More than 200 people showed up on Sunday to address a cardboard cutout of U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, R-Austin, according to the Austin-American Statesman. Felicia Miyakawa of Round Rock scheduled a similar town hall meeting for Wednesday after her representative, Carter, failed to schedule his own, according to the Statesman. Carter’s office told her that he would not be available to attend.

This is not the way to win votes. Mr. Carter needs to get a lengthy schedule of townhalls set up ASAP because Ms. Hegar is going to be available.

Speaking of Mary Jennings Hegar: 

Mary Jennings (M.J.) Hegar on the camapign trail. (USA Today)

She is truly a left-wing Democrat. This is from her campaign website and seems to support the homosexual agenda, socialized healthcare, wage controls, and more money for public schools.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, with people of all walks of life making wonderful, loving parents. Quality, affordable health care should be a basic right for every family, as should stronger parental leave for both moms and dads. A living minimum wage, job training opportunities, wage equity and supporting our educational system can be achieved without sacrificing small businesses.

Here, she shows more support for the gay lifestyle and, of course, the sacrament of abortion:

We have to protect the progress that’s been made through decades of activism and sacrifice. It’s core to the soul of our country that we be free to love whomever we choose, practice the religion of our choice or none at all, remain in control of decisions made about our own bodies, and live free from oppression, fear, and intimidation.

In this graph, she hates on Trump’s travel ban, which, of course, was just approved by the Supreme Court. This means that she does not understand the Constitution and separation of powers – similar to the left-wing court in Hawaii.

We’re stronger as a nation when we not only take care of our veterans and protect our classified information, but also tend to our environment and promote innovation. I believe in using diplomacy first and military strength as a last resort. Practicing isolationism, alienating allies, enacting travel bans, and creating a divided nation only serve to weaken us and our place on the world stage.

Hegar’s platform is bad for Texas and for America. We have to stand up for Carter.

More important, Carter has to stand up for Carter. Mr. Congressman, if you will meet with your constituents, get right on immigration, and get behind the Trump agenda, you will win. If you will do these things, I will stand with you.

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