Austin loses key conservative voice with Troxclair announcement Austin doesn’t need to lose Troxclair; it needs to clone her.

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By Lynn Woolley

Austin is a beautiful city, but as we all know, politically, it’s a mess.

Of ten councilmembers, Ellen Troxclair is the only conservative. In addition, the mayor, Steve Adler, is also left-wing, and recently got into a scrape about illegally crossing in and out of Mexico – of course to make a point about open borders.

Austin City Council Member Ellen Troxclair, center, introduces herself to Bruce and Susan Marlier during the monthly Food Truck Family Fun Night at Circle C Community Center last year. (Austin American-Statesman)

Troxclair has announced that she will serve out her term and then will not seek reelection.

She has given birth to two daughters while on the Council – and she wants to stay home and raise them. That is, of course, her choice. But we are left with few conservative influences in the Capital City.

Already, three progressives have come forward to run for her seat. If any of them wins, that means no logical voice will be there to guide city politics.

At this writing, Travis County Republican Chair Matt Mackowiak has six months to find a candidate.

H-E-B says it is evaluating whether it will bring back free single-use plastic bags. Julia Reihs (KUT website)

Troxclair may have seen the writing on the wall.

She likely serves the most Republican of the city council districts (District 8) – but this is Austin, so that’s not saying much.

She may very well feel that with the current anti-Trump hysteria, her chances of reelection are not good.

In any case, it’s a sad day for common sense in Austin. Troxclair has been a self-described “voice of reason,” an “unwavering voice for lowering the cost of living in Austin,” and a “fiscal watchdog.”

That’s important in a town where the council voted against a business’s freedom to use plastic bags – and against a consumer’s right to use them.

Matt Mackowiak

As far as fiscal concerns, Austin’s council just called for a bond-issue – with a big homeless component in it – that will have a surface cost of just under $1 billion.

Austin doesn’t need to lose Troxclair; it needs to clone her.

Meanwhile, a few sane voices remain.

Matt Mackowiak, mentioned earlier, is a voice of reason.

Our own Ben Barrack lives sin the suburbs and does what he can.

Ben Barrack

Jim Cardle, the Texas Insider, works for the cause of conservatism from his office near the Capitol.

KLBJ radio (590) has a couple of conservative commentators, and KJCE (1370) runs Laura Ingraham and other syndicated hosts. All is not lost.

The mere fact that Ellen Troxclair could get elected in the first place is hopeful.

Jim Cardle (l) interviews Rep. Michael MCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security

But as she says, Austin’s current path is unsustainable.

Austin benefits from being deep inside Texas – a state run by conservatives. It cannot continue along the path of being like California. Unless it wants to go broke like California.

Ellen Troxclair will be missed.

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