Americans should be praying that Texas does not turn blue If Texas becomes like California and Illinois, then the entire country will too.

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By Lynn Woolley

The newspapers and the networks are full of the story: maybe “Beto” didn’t win, but he set the stage for massive Democrat victories in 2020. In my hometown newspaper, the headline for the Associated Press; story reads:

“Texas Democrats aiming for historic win in 2018 get hope for 2020 election instead”

A Texas Tribune story about outgoing Texas House Speaker Joe Straus screams:

“Straus: Texas and the GOP ‘moving in opposite directions’”

And the reliably left-wing Dallas Morning News carries a long story on Sunday Page 1, written by it’s smarmy anti-Trump correspondent Todd J. Gillman, with these headlines:

“Is GOP losing grip on Texas?” & “Changing electorate puts Texas in play”

There are two big questions to ponder with all this news about Texas becoming a left-wing state. First, is it true? Second, if it is true, then what? 

What will the 2020 election mean for Texas and America regarding the much-vaunted changing demographics?

There is something odd and off-putting about a political party –the Democrats – pushing demographic changes through unlimited immigration (both legal and illegal) for the expressed purpose of strengthening their own party.

That’s what is happening, but the Associated Press, the Texas Tribune, and the Dallas Morning News are not likely to blare it on their front pages.

So far, the media clamor for a left-leaning Texas has not happened even in the wake of the big demographic shifts. Those shifts are in place and cannot be stopped, though President Trump correctly believes the American people ought to vote or have a say in such momentous changes in our culture.

That doesn’t matter at this point. The Left is salivating over the cultural changes and has installed, through political correctness, a vaccine to prevent anyone from objecting. They brand you as a racist and try to destroy your reputation if you disagree.

Getty Images

Here three things the Dems can’t change.

First is the Trump effect. It’s hard to explain – even for the “experts,” but politics works differently now than it did when conventional wisdom ruled. Donald Trump was not supposed to get elected, but he did. Hillary was not supposed to lose.

Mr. Trump wasn’t supposed to get two Supreme Court nominations through — and the Dems tried with all their might to destroy Brett Kavanaugh. It didn’t work. Trump, without full support from even his own party – has fixed a great deal of the Obama mess and the economy is booming.

Second is the Beto effect. O’Rourke ran on a strategy of looks, perceptions (he was Kennedy-eque), coolness (he was a punk rocker and rides a skateboard), and left-wing fervor (he was OK with impeaching Trump). But he had no platform. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke was all smoke and mirrors.

The media let him skate on his documented crimes committed as an adult while going after Kavanaugh without evidence. Beto appealed to the uninformed youth movement that had been conditioned by radical college professors to lean leftward.

Beto at SMU lied about leaving the scene. Let’s DEMAND an FBI investigation.

In short, Beto was an empty suit, but he fit the current dual trend of far-left socialism and Trump hatred. It is doubtful that the Dems will actually nominate him for the presidential ticket because too many establishment stalwarts like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren want the nomination.

He might be on the ticket as a running mate, but seriously – what has he ever accomplished?

The Beto effect might end up like the Wendy Davis effect – one and done. But who else do the Dems have?

Third is the natural conservatism of many immigrants. I predict that there will come a time when Hispanic immigrants will open their eyes. I have no idea how soon, but it will happen.

Most of them come from countries where left-wing policies have ruined their national economies. Many of them are pro life. They must realize that the Trump economy is far better than what we had under Obama. They are not stupid. They will wake up one day and see the light. You can count on it.

Americans should get on their knees and beg God not to let Texas turn blue.

America, as we have written, is an exceptional country. It is the one nation that the entire planet counts on when tyrants attempt to enslave other nations. America is the freest nation on Earth, its brightest spot, a shining city on a hill.

That is what the Democrats want to change.

The face of “Democratic Socialism” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Democrats have changed. They are no longer in the mold of John F. Kennedy. They are now defined by the “Democrat-socialist” policies of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her mental-case mentor Bernie Sanders.

People say that Texas is becoming the next California. If that happens, Texas will be overrun by illegal immigration, its big cities will have many more thousands of homeless people, discarded syringes will litter the streets, the state will wallow in the debt of its public employee obligations, and culture rot will set in.

If Texas goes blue, we will go bankrupt, as blue Illinois has done.

But without a strong Texas, there will no longer be a strong federal government to bail us out. Men will be able to urinate in the ladies’ room – and that will make the Left happy. But schools will deteriorate and colleges and universities will be bastions of diversity rather than academics (we’re pretty much there on this one).

Of the three bellwether states, one is solid blue (California), one is purple (Florida), and one is red (Texas.) All sanity was lost years ago in California – due to its changed demographics.

California is a hellhole that many people want to leave – and they are voting by renting U-Hauls. Florida is a far more sensible state, but it often elects left-wingers and that may one day put Florida in jeopardy.

Texas is still red and it still succeeds on most levels regardless of left-wing propaganda. Businesses do well here. No one craps on the streets of downtown Dallas. You don’t have to avoid used syringes in Houston. Texas is not in need of a federal bailout. At least not yet.

If Texas turns blue all bets are off, and not just for Texas. Right now, you might say: “as goes Texas, so goes the United States of America.” I believe that is a true statement. If Texas becomes like California and Illinois, then the entire country will too.

At that point, the Great Experiment in self-rule will have planted the seeds of its own destruction.

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