America dodges a bullet. Liberal agenda repudiated. Winners & losers emerge from Trump's huge victory.

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Nov 9, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

In any discussion of winners and losers from Donald Trump’s amazing victory, you have to start with the Obama legacy. All of it.

Voters seemed displeased with the Big Government takeover of healthcare – and President-Elect Trump has a mandate to repeal and replace. But other things Obama has done will join Obamacare on the ash-heap of history. trump-victory

The homosexual and transgendered agenda is in trouble as is the hysteria over climate change. Obama’s ill-conceived executive orders will be voided. The new president will likely enforce our immigration laws and end sanctuary cities.

And on his first day in office, President Trump will have a Supreme Court opening to fill. By that act alone, he will be able to change the course of history. Make no mistake. This election stopped the progressive agenda in its tracks and changed the course of history.


• Donald Trump
• Mike Pence (a likely future POTUS)
• The Constitution
• Kellyanne Conway
• Taxpayers who will now avoid Hillary’s tax-and-spend agenda
• Market based healthcare – depending on what Obamacare is replaced with
• Ted Cruz – if he works with Trump, he will avoid a primary opponent
• The House of Representatives where Republicans still are in control
• The Senate where Republicans are still in control
• Paul Ryan – if he works with Trump, he can succeed as Speaker
• Israel – Netanyahu is finally rid of Obama
• FOX News Channel where the “Fair & Balanced” strategy continues to work
• Talk Radio – we’re not dead yet so long as AM radios are installed in new cars
• Rush Limbaugh
• Dinesh D’Souza
• Newt Gingrich
• Sen. Jeff Sessions
• Chris Christie
• Rudolph Giuliani
• Reince Priebus – possibly, we shall see
• Sarah Palin
• Drudge Report
• Assimilation
• The U.S. Military Services & National Defense
• China – because Trump will work with them
• Hispanics – Trump does not hate them and he will make their lives better if they are here legally
• Blacks – if Trump’s agenda works, blacks benefit like everyone else
• The State of the Union speech – it will be a beautiful thing


• The Obama agenda
• Obamacare
• Bill Clinton – no more Oval Office encounters for him
• Chelsea Clinton – no political career in her future
• The Clinton Dynasty
• The Bush Dynasty
• Progressivism
• Political Correctness
• Big Government
• Central control
• George Soros
• The homosexual agenda
• Transgender bathrooms
• Left-wing college professors
• Using the Military for social experiments
• The Mainstream Media that may now have to rethink its liberal slant
• CNN that will have to regain trust of viewers after collaborating with the Clinton campaign
• MSNBC that is now out of political favor
• Newspapers that ran suppression headlines to harm Trump – and failed
• The Dallas Morning News that used its news pages to promote Hillary and where heads should now roll
• ISIS – Trump is coming for you
• Iran – say goodbye to the sweet deal you got from Obama
• Polling companies
• The idea that “Demographics is Destiny”
• Merrick Garland – his chance at the High Court is gone
• Mexico – because trump will actually try to make them pay for the wall
• Trade deals that favor other nations
• Syrian refugees – Trump will vet them extremely
• Islam in America

cnn-donald-trump-florida-projection-large-169Of course, winners & losers depend on how much of Trump’s agenda he can actually accomplish.

If he moves the left, all bets are off. If he stays true to his promises and can get a Republican Congress to push them through, look for America to be great again.

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