‘FAKE NEWS’ Created to Destroy Trump; Trump Has Used it as a WEAPON to DESTROY LEFT CNN is on Defense after having to ABSORB 'Fake News' Moniker

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Feb 24, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Have you noticed? The debate has shifted. It is now about whether CNN is fake news or not. It wasn’t too long ago that “fake news” was introduced into the American lexicon by the left. Somehow, President Donald Trump has masterfully taken the label and affixed it to CNN.

Just a few days after the election, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg used his platform to imply that “fake news” was a problem. It was responsible for Trump’s victory.

A month later, POLITICO attempted to pile on and identify as “fake news” anything that didn’t align with their left-wing ideology.

Now, here we are. Barely more than one month after the inauguration, CNN is on defense. It’s so ridiculous that Shepard Smith – a Fox News anchor – is actually rushing to the defense of CNN:

If this tells us anything it’s that Smith – who likes to be perceived as a straight, objective news guy – is so biased that he’s more interested in defending his network’s competitor than he is in defeating his network’s competitor. Now, Smith may say his honor “trumps” ratings but if he said that, he’s lying.

The truth is ideology trumps ratings.

Since the term “fake news” burst on the scene, Trump has absorbed it and shot it back at the media. He is a branding master. Instead of allowing the term to become a perception others have of him, Trump has been able to take that hot potato and throw it at CNN. Hilariously, that hot potato just seems to be tossed among CNN personalities.

Here is Jake Tapper after a recent Trump press conference:

During the Obama administration, Tapper was viewed by conservatives as the best the mainstream media had to offer. He was known to challenge power more than the blind sycophants. That is what makes the aforementioned exchange so unfortunate. You see, Tapper would have you believe he plays it straight, that he calls balls and strikes; he doesn’t.

If he had told Obama to “stop whining”, he would have been fired by CNN. At a minimum, it would have become a scandal.

Then there is CNN’s Jim Acosta, who has become CNN’s point man on the Trump media line. In this exchange, President Trump took the term, “Fake News” and beat CNN over the head with it:

About one month later, Acosta was back. Trump did call on him but gave CNN a new name during the exchange. Trump said that instead of calling CNN, “Fake News” he was going to call them, “Very Fake News”.

Those who take different sides in this debate miss the point.

The real dividing line is who is better at branding.

As it stands, President Trump has not only taken a moniker intended to be used to slander him and diffuse it. He sharpened its point and put it into his own quiver.

He then fired it at CNN.

Love it.

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