Trump’s DEPUTY NAT’L SECURITY ADVISOR Knows Truth About Huma Monica Crowley's Knowledge of Truth About Huma means there are NO EXCUSES for IGNORING ESPIONAGE

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By Ben Barrack

With the naming of Monica Crowley as his Deputy National Security Advisor, Donald Trump has made it known that he is well aware of the Muslim Brotherhood connections of close Hillary Clinton confidante Huma Abedin. On July 26, 2013 Crowley appeared on Hannity’s television show and went on the record about the claims.

Here is the video:

Here is the audio of the exchange above:

Far left-wing websites like Salon are apoplectic over the selection of Crowley. Instead of pointing to the truth about Abedin as enunciated by Crowley, Salon’s Matthew Rozsa would rather harp on this pathetic Russian conspiracy.

Rozsa linked to one of Crowley’s tweets from earlier this year:

Of course, the willful blindness on the part of people like Rozsa is the larger issue; Hillary is the one who screwed up! She trafficked in classified, State Department emails off the grid. She didn’t even have a .gov email address, which means all of her government emails were compromised.

Crowley knows ALL ABOUT HUMA.

Crowley knows ALL ABOUT HUMA.

As for Crowley’s tweet – as was the case with Trump’s quip that Russia should help find the missing emails – it was largely satirical. The real crime was Hillary’s deletion of emails AFTER a subpoena.

As the emails proved irretrievable, Trump and Crowley used satire to make a larger point. The U.S. Government was unable to uncover what was lawfully subpoenaed. Why not use satire to suggest that another government could do it?

The takeaway of Crowley’s appointment is that she is well aware of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration. Her understanding of Huma’s connections demonstrated that. As such, the American people can know with absolute certainty that Trump knows all of this too. Crowley’s comments are on the record. It’s a record that Trump has presumably vetted to the n’th degree.

Moreover, if Crowley knows of Huma’s espionage, not doing anything about it would in fact be an indictment of Crowley herself.

As I’ve said before, Huma should NOT be allowed to leave the country.

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