San Benito Schools could get $2.8 Million to Educate Illegals Other similarly struggling districts may decide to show “compassion” as well.

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By Lynn Woolley

Is it compassion?

Michael Vargas, the Superintendent of the San Benito, Texas Consolidated Independent School District claims there is a “moral obligation” for his district to educate an influx of children being housed in a nearby migrant center.

Or is it money?

It will cost the District a fair amount to service these kids – but the District estimates it can collect $2.8 million in state funding.

Casa Padre, the U.S. immigration center in Brownsville where children are housed. Photo: Miguel Roberts (Brownsville Herald)

So the District is planning to send 19 bilingual teachers, mobile classrooms, and 570 Chromebooks and laptops over to the migrant center.

Even at a relatively high cost, the District figures to make a hefty profit – off taxpayers, of course.

Superintendent Vargas and his board will get away with this by claiming the mantle of compassion and by counting the migrant kids as part of its official enrollment. Texas taxpayers are left to pick up the tab.

Schools have found a way to make illegal immigration pay.

Left-wing thought goes this way: the kids were brought here by their parents, and the evil Trump may have separated them because of the (gasp!) law. Or the kids may be unaccompanied minors just trying to get away from the hellholes they were born in.

Either way, liberal logic dictates that American taxpayers must pony up the money so that the school district that happen to be near migrant centers can provide a first class education in – of course – a foreign language.

Superintendent Vargas is reported to have “reached out” to the shelter (operated by Southwest Key, the largest government contractor that operates these centers), out of compassion. The Associated Press quotes him:

“This is not a political issue. This is a moral obligation, and actually our legal obligation.”

Vargas, who no doubt makes a spectacular salary, is not put out by this compassion. It gives him a larger average daily membership at his district, more money, and the ability to claim compassion and lawfulness.

San Benito Superintendent Michael Vargas (Linked In)

It’s this type of left-wing “compassion” that has so many illegal alien adults taking advantage of American welfare programs, and that has our schools and emergency rooms in financial duress.

It’s this type of Bernie Sanders socialism that has split our families, enabling fathers to leave and mothers to be the head of single-parent families on the taxpayer dole.

It starts with schools.

Free education, free lunch programs, free classes in the language of your choice – and all in the name of the law and (naturally) compassion. Meanwhile, there are 61 cities near similar migrant centers. The AP article mentions that the San Benito District has struggled financially for years. Superintendent Vargas has found an easy way to being in an extra $2.8 million dollars.

Other similarly struggling districts may decide to show “compassion” as well. As San Benito shows, compassion can be profitable.

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