Race-based Comic Book Convention coming to Dallas To Hector Rodriguez, El Peso Hero is the modern Captain America and Donald Trump is the new Hitler.

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By Lynn Woolley

Hector Rodriguez believes comic book conventions have become too white.

Rodriguez did an interview with the Texas Standard, saying he’s putting together a comic book convention for Latinos. It’s called the Texas Latino Comic Con – a first for Texas although they have one in California.

Hector Rodriguez III

Not only is the convention race based – it’s free!

The reason for that, according to Rodriguez, is that it isn’t fair for some people to pay to get in.

“One thing about these conventions is that they tend to discriminate [against] lower income families. I created this event in a way to make sure that it’s all-inclusive – that everybody has an opportunity to get into the comic book spirit and enjoy what a comic book convention has to offer.”

One wishes that Rodriguez would open an airline instead or a big department store so we could all fly and shop for free. If they weren’t too white.

El Peso Hero fights Trump as HItler

Rodriguez – a Dallas teacher, is a standard race-based liberal.

You should see the cover of one of the new editions of El Peso Hero. EPH takes on social issues (as you might expect) but in this issue, he is fighting President Trump. The cover is a swipe of an early Captain America from the Golden Age of comics, where Joe Simon and Jack Kirby have their hero punching out Hitler.

So to Hector Rodriguez, El Peso Hero is the modern Captain America and Donald Trump is the new Hitler. God knows what he’s teaching children in Dallas.

Mr. Rodriguez is taking us backwards.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that the left-wing agenda of “inclusiveness” takes a step backward when a comic book convention is based on race. Liberals seem to have a “do as we say you ought to do” – but “not as we actually do” attitude. Rodriguez should know better.

Joe Simon & Jack Kirby cover of Captain America fighting Hitler in the Golden Age (Marvel Entertainment)

The convention is also based on “equality” – which, of course is his prerogative – but if he can’t pay for the room, then there won’t be any more race-based conventions.

Speaking of race, his guests are all Spanish surnamed writers and artists: Sam de la Rosa who has drawn the Marvel anti-hero “Venom,” and Hector Cantu, creator of the newspaper strip “Baldo,” which recently featured a story arc on a white, anti-Hispanic bigot.

Oh well.

Mr. Rodriguez, creator of “El Peso Hero” comics doesn’t seem to realize that “white” comic book conventions are inclusive while his seems to be aimed at a single ethnicity. I’m sure he knows that modern comics are quite multicultural with heroes that are white, black, Latino, and (of course) gay and lesbian. But this is America, and if he wants a Latino Comic Con, he can knock himself out. It just shows us what liberalism has become.

Detail of EPH landing a punch on “Hitler,” Donald Trump.

I’ll continue to see comic books as a fun hobby and not some type of backward-looking social statement.

And I will continue to support President Trump for enforcing our laws on immigration as Obama should have done.

This convention is set for July 29th, 2017 at Dallas’ Latino Cultural Center.


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