Irving ISD supports Dreamers in the name of Diversity Irving has the most diverse ZIP code in America.

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By Lynn Woolley

Immigration law? We don’t need no stinking’ immigration law!

IISD Administrative Building

That’s not only the opinion of federal judges – but also the opinion of many school districts. The Supreme Court has declined to clear the path for President Trump to legally close the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program that President Obama illegally imposed.

And in Irving, Texas, the school board is working to circumvent the federal law in the unlikely event that DACA ever ends.

Irving has a proposed resolution, submitted by trustee Nell Anne Hunt, which urges Texas two U.S. senators and area members of Congress to find a way around federal law in case Trump does away with the Dreamers program. The Irving district is, of course, diverse, and that was pointed out over and over in the meeting.

Video: Irving ISD’s immigration policies remind me of this clip from “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” in which Humphrey Bogart demands to see badges.

I suspect this has something to do with school funding as well. It should not. Schools should enforce federal laws.

I hear the question all the time – how do local jurisdictions get away with not following federal laws?  

Most of these local jurisdictions are in big cities and big cities have turned liberal over the past decades. In Irving, at the board meeting, local pastor Robert Robinson of the New Beginning Worship Center, put it this way:

“The broad immigration issue, and the issue of those we call Dreamers, affects every person and every institution, but none more so than the school district here in Irving. Our city officials are very proud and boast this as the most diverse ZIP code in the country, right here in Irving, Texas. We would hope that our school board would feel the same way and trust that this is a very diverse ZIP code and be in acceptance of that.”

A very diverse speech, wouldn’t you say?

I wonder what religion the New Beginning Church is all about, but obviously diversity is a huge part of it. There’s no way to know without attending, but I’ll bet the sermons there would curl your hair.

Why is the Irving district so hung up on diversity?

The make-up of the board has changed over the years, as all boards do, and this one has moved to the left. In the words of trustee Hunt, her resolution would urge lawmakers to:

“…oppose any proposal that would cause family separation and not offer a pathway to citizenship, or target other immigrant populations. It’s our responsibility to support our families. This living in limbo is very counterproductive for the school district and the whole country.”

She sounds like Nancy Pelosi.

From the IISD website: Since taking the helm of Irving ISD in January 2014, Superintendent José L. Parra, Ed.D., has led significant positive change.

She wants it all: DACA, open borders, chain migration, cheap citizenship, and an end to deportations. To her, federal immigration laws are nothing but a hindrance to changing the United States of America into a totally different place, just as Obama promised.

The lack of respect for our immigration laws is appalling – but remember, when BHO was president, he refused to allow states to enforce the federal laws that he was ignoring. If Irving schools become a sanctuary for Dreamers, they will join a large Muslim community as part of the nation’s most diverse ZIP code.

This type of thinking got Irving into the news recently over the “Clock Boy” incident – in which school officials were pummeled when they thought a young Muslim boy might have brought a homemade bomb to school.

In liberal orthodoxy, one must always worship diversity and one must never suspect anyone of anything, especially Muslims. If he says it’s a clock, then it’s a clock.

How would Irving keep all their Dreamers (illegals) if Trump cancels the program?

The idea is to have a state plan ready. At the meeting, board members and residents discussed the proposed resolution that urges Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. John Cornyn and area Congressmen to find a way to extend DACA in spite of the law. Irving Superintendent Jose Parra will likely put it on the agenda and it will likely pass.

After all, Irving has the most diverse ZIP code in America.

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