Intercultural Competence test promoted for Clemson University Our colleges and universities have become an embarrassment to the nation.

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By Lynn Woolley

If you want to run for the Student Government at Clemson, you should pass a test – you know – make sure you’re inclusive enough.

This idea comes from Altheia Richardson, Clemson’s director of the Gantt Multicultural Center.

Altheia Richardson – Clemson’s Multicultural Director

Ms. Richardson is just doing her job.

What else would a director of multiculturalism propose? Certainly not varied points of view. You have to remember that on college campuses, the word “inclusive” means “you’re welcome here if you agree with us.”

And that means you have to be a liberal like the bulk of the administration and the faculty.

This may not be as embarrassing as the anti-free-speech riots at Berkeley, but it’s plenty bad. Universities are now ground central for intolerance, and Ms. Richardson is simply plying her trade, which is filtering out anyone who may disagree with the multicultural agenda.

Video: Clemson multicultural director Altheia Richardson proposes ‘intercultural test’ for student govt candidates

Is Clemson embarrassed?

Likely not. 

Most big universities are eaten up with the concept of multiculturalism and inclusiveness – which is a euphemism for accepting pretty much anyone except white, heterosexual males.

My own alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin, actually pays somebody to run its Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.  Some of us alumni are embarrassed by this, but apparent not enough – and so the madness continues.

At Clemson, there is no doubt that this woman was doing and saying what her mission statement calls for.

And so, what she said makes sense – at least to her:

“So when it comes to this whole idea of intercultural competence, what would it look like to have a standard for if you’re going to be elected as an officer, or hold a seat within CUSG, that you have to demonstrate that you have a certain level of intercultural competence, before you’re allowed to take that office, or that seat?”

Video: Altheia Richardson, Clemson University’s assistant vice president for Student Affairs and executive director, advocates for a welcoming, inclusive campus climate — so long as you are not a conservative.

All she is saying is give groupthink a chance.

And people who think “outside the box” need not apply. So if you believe in enforcing immigration laws, or controlling the border, or you’re against birthright citizenship, or if you voted for Donald Trump — your sorry arse should stay off the Student Government.

And that is the state of intolerance on today’s college campuses.

There was some dissent when she made this weird proposal. A student, Samuel Thompson, told Richardson that her idea unnerved him.

“Vetting the candidates ideologically before elections even happen, through a process of measuring their level of commitment to ‘inclusivity’ and ‘multiculturalism,’ represents a kind of creepy totalitarianism that has no place at a true university.”

I’d vote for Mr. Thompson for a position as head of the Multicultural Center so he could shut the freakin’ thing down.

Clemson’s multicultural director represents another nail in the long-term future of the university system.

It can’t keep going like this.

• Riots over Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter as they tried (and failed) to give peaceful speeches at Cal.
Similar incidents at other colleges.
Removal of statues that offend left-wing students.
• The birth of the snowflake movement at the University of Missouri.
Safe spaces.

Somehow we have to educate our young people, but our colleges and universities have become an embarrassment to the nation. There has to be a better way.

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