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by Lynn Woolley

On November 5, 2009, diversity killed fourteen people at Fort Hood, Texas.

Nadal Malik Hasan

Nadal Malik Hasan

You may say a “concept” cannot kill. But it is well documented that military brass knew that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a warrior for Allah – a potential jihadist. He telegraphed the message but no one was listening. Hasan was, after all, Islamic, and that fact protected him.

Diversity was far more important to the U.S. Army than protecting the lives of soldiers.

In our great universities, faculty and administration are consumed with diversity.

They insist, without proof, that diversity creates a superior learning environment. Academia is fooling the American people, and itself. In politics, the Left uses diversity as a weapon. It opens the borders to millions of immigrants, legal and otherwise, with “amnesty” — the destruction of the Republican Party — as its goal.

Video: Perhaps the generational idiot of our time. Published on Aug 29, 2013. Three days after the Fort Hood shooting that left 14 dead and 32 wounded on November 5, 2009, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey appeared on ABC This Week and made one of the most ridiculously irresponsible and insensitive statements in the history of public statements.

Welcome to the party, Ann Coulter. Better late than never.

Here at WBDaily, we’re pleased to see the arrival of Ms. Coulter’s new book entitled:

Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole

We hope it isn’t too little, too late. Shame on the conservative media (especially the despicable Wall Street Journal editorial page on this issue) for not glomming onto this sooner. Now than Ann is on board, this website and the Lynn Woolley Show will get some needed support.

Just for background, we’ve been saying – and doing – something about this issue for the twenty years we’ve been on the air. We began this radio show on July 14, 1995 on KTEM, a 1,000-watt AM station out of Temple, Texas and eventually added several other affiliates. We guest-hosted on three large radio stations many times – KLBJ/Austin, WBAP/Dallas-Fort Worth, and KSEV/Houston. Illegal immigration and the lies told by our government and perpetrated by left-wing lobbying groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Association of Business have been a major part of our message from Day One.

Our show was a major force behind “Rumble at the Ranch” at Crawford, Texas when President George W. Bush was supporting “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”

Video: May 6, 2006. This is me introducing Shannon McGauley of the Texas Minutemen Project at the “Rumble” in Crawford

This issue is not new. The idea that we have been lied to about the so-called 11,000,000 illegals in this country started right here! We’ve said for years that this number – which hasn’t changed since we’ve been on the air – is intended only for the ignorant and gullible.

20,000,000 and probably closer to 30,000,000 is a more logical number. So, welcome to the fight, Ann Coulter! Nice to have you on board. As you’ve already learned NBC, ABC and CBS are not interested in this issue or in your book. They have turned you down for interviews. Republicans in Congress are not interested either.

A conversation in a noisy restaurant.

As I write this, the event I am about to chronicle took place last last night in Belton, Texas. At a political event, I had a rare chance to visit on-on-one with a congressman’s aide. She and I discussed this issue. Her boss, John Carter R-TX, refused to listen to me and my producer, Ben Barrack during a Q & A session at a Town Hall meeting in Salado a few years ago. The Congressman kept using the 11,000,000 figure. Barrack and I attempted to convince him that the number is far higher.

The Congressman and the crowd had just viewed a movie entitled “They Come To America II” and we sere supposed to discuss it. But Congressman Carter said that he’d seen the movie before and he dismissed it with a shrug. So two hours of content were cast off in a second. He was not happy that Barrack and I were saying that the number of illegals was much higher than government estimates.

It got raucous regarding the 14th Amendment as per this excerpt from the Texas Observer piece linked above:

Carter deferred on birthright citizenship, saying that he only way to change the policy would be to amend the Constitution. That brought shouts from around the room — including, notably, Lynn Woolley, a local conservative radio host.

“That amendment was meant to prevent the Southern states from denying citizenship to former slaves,” Woolley shouted, to raucous applause. “That’s what it was! We need better judges. I’ve read what the framers wanted that amendment to be!”

Carter accused Woolley of demagoguing, and offered to debate Woolley on his radio show, but otherwise left the issue alone — which left Woolley miffed when he took to the airwaves today.

“Look, I like Congressman Carter a lot,” he said Wednesday morning. “I don’t like having a fallout with someone over one issue. But it’s an awfully big issue.”

At the Restaurant last night, I had a chance to explain. Perhaps, I said, that Rep. Carter does know the truth about illegal immigration. Perhaps he knows that it is part of the diversity movement. Maybe he understands all this and more. My question was: What is he doing about it?

Rep. Carter at the Salado town hall and Ed Laughlin in the orange shirt. (Photo: Christopher Hooks)

Rep. Carter at the Salado town hall and Ed Laughlin in the orange shirt. (Photo: Christopher Hooks)

The Democrats give Republicans lot of free advice.

I mentioned how many times the Left warns Republicans that unless they embrace illegal immigration, the rapidly growing Hispanic population will vote them out of office. I believe that many Republicans in Congress swallow this hook, line and sinker and they have for years. And so (as the movie says) They Come to America. They come with President Obama’s blessing and Republicans do nothing to stop them.

Republicans are sealing their own doom. This party is going to die of diversity.

The most idiotic thing Rick Perry said on the GOP debate stage was not “oops.”

It was claptrap about in-state tuition rates for students that are in this country illegally. He said those of us who oppose this – and, I suppose, other illegal immigrant magnets such as free emergency room care and bilingual education – don’t have a heart.

Video: I don’t think you have a heart. September, 2011. Chris Wallace asks Perry about in-state tuition.

Mitt Romney beat Perry up over this. As a Texan, I have pride enough to enjoy the idea of Texans occupying the White House, but I cheered for Romney on this one. Any time we can stop anything related to diversity, we have to do it.

Diversity kills Americans.

The three most successful terrorist acts on our soil – 9/11, the Fort Hood Massacre, and the Boston Marathon bombings – were committed by Islamic people who worship a god named Allah who is foreign to Christians and Jews.

These criminals were, of course, diverse. That means they were allowed to be here because of our ignorant concept that “our strength is our diversity.” We lost thousands on 9/11, fourteen at Fort Hood, and 3 in Boston including a precious little boy who was torn apart and died as his father watched. 264 others were injured in Boston. This is what diversity gets you.

Video: The Lynn Woolley Show participated in and LW emceed “The Forum For Middle East Understanding” at Killeen, Texas near Fort Hood. As this TV report shows, the city wanted no part of it. Posted 1/1/2011.

After two idiot Islamists tried to shoot up the Garland event put on by Pam Geller, it was Geller, not the would-be jihadists that took heat in the media. Never mind that Geller was practicing OUR culture and it is someone else’s culture that was imported here that tried to stop her.

We are all in danger when a company like Abercrombie & Fitch cannot prevent an Islamic girl from wearing a hijab while she is working for them – and the black-robed idiots at the Supreme Court rule in favor of diversity.

The famous University of Texas Tower

The famous University of Texas Tower

Anti-American loons are running our major universities.

DISCLAIMER: I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1972. I wear my class ring to this day and I cheer for the burnt orange. I want UT to be a great school. I want “what starts here to change the world.” But what a mess we have on the Forty Acres.

This website has written extensively about the scandal at UT involving favoritism in admissions. We have enthusiastically supported Regent Wallace Hall in his efforts to expose the scam. We are dismayed that no heads have rolled (we do not mean that in the jihadist sense) and that the names of members of the Texas Legislature that participated are still kept secret.

This is cronyism that reeks to the high heavens.

One good thing is that UT President Williams Powers was slowly forced out. The University also got a new system chancellor, a military hero named William McRaven. There was cause to celebrate. But then, two bad things happened.

First, McRaven turned out to be as secretive as Powers. McRaven is all about protecting the administration and wants no part of any justice for students who were screwed by the favoritism. He now owns the scandal.

Second, the Number Two man in the hierarchy, Gregory L. Fenves, was named U.T. president. Not only is he part of the problem, but he worships at the alter of diversity. On June 4, 2015, an op-ed ostensibly written by Fenves, appeared in the Dallas Morning News. It was pure boilerplate and was probably written by a PR person and run through a dozen committees. What is said is not worth mentioning, except for one little factoid:

He uses a form of the word “diversity” four times.

Here are the quotes:

“We have a more highly qualified and diverse student body than ever.

“…and serving in our diverse world.”

“As we continue to recognize the benefits that all our students receive when they are part of a truly diverse student body…”

“We will strive to increase the research grants we received while staying competitive in recruiting and retaining excellent and diverse students and faculty members.”

This is B.S. of the highest order. Fenves is parroting the language used by virtually every university president in America. This is a love letter he wrote to his peers. His peers are liberals, all infected with the disease of diversity.

This is what we’re getting for $750,000 per year plus perks. Lots of perks. Are you mad yet?

Here’s what Fenves did not say.

He failed to mention the admissions scandal or what he might to do make things right. He did not pledge to be open and transparent or to help Wallace Hall with the investigation. He did not throw any type of bone to white males, but acted as if they are not particularly welcome at UT Austin. He did not pledge to make UT a campus for diversity of opinion – only for diversity of culture and skin color. He did not say that UT Austin will become a free speech zone.

I doubt that Ann Coulter could speak at UT without getting a pie in the face, and I doubt that I will ever be invited. In case I ever am invited to speak, I prefer lemon meringue pies. Pumpkin pies are too firm.

Diversity is the opposite of assimilation.

Idiot university professors and nutcase generals notwithstanding, our strength is our unity. We had better learn that — and fast!

American culture is based on the “melting pot” concept, but the left is using the non-assimilation concept to destroy the Republican Party. Thousands have died so that the Left can get their way on this issue.

Low Information Voters don’t know. Hell, they don’t even want to know. Those of us who are informed and connected must act. The Left is not going to change. University presidents like Fenves cannot easily be removed.

We have the vote – at least we have it now.

Democrats like Hillary Clinton are determined to use diversity to destroy us — and this country along with it. She’s been out speechmaking about all the ways Democrats can cheat. She wants to abolish photo-ID, extend Election Day, install automatic voter regulation –and a host of other things that make it easy for her party to cheat.

Video: CBS reports on Hillary’s attack on Texas laws regarding cheating at the polls.

How many people have to die for diversity? How many generational Americans must be screwed to accommodate people from third-world countries?

Ask yourself why we are being lied to about the number of illegals. Ask yourself why politicians of the Left insist that Republicans MUST embrace Comprehensive Immigration Reform and a pathway to citizenship.

The reasons are simple. They hate America, and they want to make it more like third world countries. They hate conservatives and intend to destroy our ideology and that of the Founders. They want a permanent Democrat Party majority.

Now think about the Right side of the political aisle and how many there support the Left’s agenda.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce does. So does the Texas Association of Business and its leftist CEO, Bill Hammond. Rick Perry supports the immigration magnet of in-state tuition. Jeb Bush is in the tank for open borders and amnesty. Joe Straus, the speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, has succeeded again in preventing a Sanctuary Cities Act in Texas.

Diversity costs, diversity destroys and diversity kills. It is the most dangerous concept in America.

We spend billions to provide healthcare and bilingual education for millions of people who should not be here. We deal with imported crime, including murder, coming from south of the border. We have a problem on our highways because of immigrants whose culture allows them to drive while drunk. Now we have an Islamic tribunal in Dallas. There are many efforts underway to bring Sharia Law to America.

We have to create a new conservative movement.

If we want our culture to survive, diversity must be abandoned in favor of unity. America is about OUR culture – not theirs. Whether from Mexico, France, or Saudi Arabia, new arrivals here must come legally and with the understanding that they must cast off the old ways and become one with us.

Leonard Pitts

Leonard Pitts

People such as Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald who writes about the “us-versus them mentality” must be repudiated. Pitts is too shallow to understand that this is not black versus white or Hispanic versus white. This is American culture versus cultures that have never risen to our level. America is exceptional because it is America! Not because it is like Mexico or any other country.

Diversity is THE issue in every election from school boards to the Oval Office. If we get more of it, we die. If we return to the assimilation model, our greatest days are still ahead.

E Pluribus Unum.

This means we have to go to the polls in droves and elect people who believe American culture is worth saving. Electing real conservatives who will fight people such as Leonard Pitts, Hillary Clinton, Greg Fenves, Jeb Bush, and Bill Hammond appears to be the only path to survival.


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