Congressman Steve King Takes heat for championing Western Civilization Years ago his statement would have been commonplace. Now, it gets him branded as a racist.

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By Lynn Woolley

The Congressman from Iowa made a statement, that years ago would have been commonplace. Now, it gets him branded as a racist. He was referring to the fact that Western women are not having babies at a replacement rate. Paying tribute to Dutch politician Geert Wilders, King stated that Wilders…

U.S. Rep. Steve King (Photo: Charlie Neibergall – Associated Press)

“…understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Wilders, commentator Pat Buchanan and King are at the forefront of a movement that holds that once immigrants replace a native population, the existing culture dies and a new society is born.

When our motto was “E Pluribus Unum,” Americans might have agreed with King. But our new motto is “our strength is our diversity,” and political correctness holds that preservation of a culture is a racist act.

Steve King catches heck – from both sides.

Most Democrats and a few Republicans piled on King for what he said – but not one of them could dispute the truth of it.

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi called on GOP leadership to condemn King’s remarks, issuing a statement through her spokesman Drew Hammill:

“Republican Congressman Steve King’s vile racism has no place in decent society, much less in the U.S. Congress.”

House Speaker and top Republican Paul Ryan was pressed for a comment on the issue. As you might expect, he told FOX News that he disagrees with the [obviously true] statement:

“We’re a melting pot. My family’s here because the potatoes stopped growing in Ireland. The American idea is this beautiful idea, which is there for everyone, which is that the condition of your birth doesn’t determine your outcome in life.”

Sometimes, you wish that God had made the potatoes grow in Ireland.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Pelosi is a left-wing crap-weasel, so she’s easy to ignore. But Ryan is another matter.

His basic statement is correct, of course, but it was iterated in the spirit of disagreeing with King, who is also right.

Here’re the facts that Pelosi and Ryan are not telling you.

The Melting Pot is a great idea. Maybe it’s the best idea ever conceived for a free society. But for it to work, you have to toss out the Cult of Diversity and go back to the old E Pluribus Unum idea – “out of many, one.” Pelosi is a diversity nut, but Ryan should know better. If a society is to survive, it has to protect its values. Yes – I mean its culture.

That means assimilation is the most important thing we should ask of an immigrant. 

Pat Buchanan

The Melting Pot created our society. Our culture is now mature. We are more than 240 years old as a nation.

Ask yourself: after more than two centuries, how much more culture do we need added to the Pot?

Do we need cannibalism added? Female genital mutilation? Honor killings? Subjugation of women? Hatred of Jews? Brutal attacks on people who do not honor Allah? Some of these ideas are coming to American every day.

This is not to say that some immigrants should not be welcomed from all corners of the Earth. That is fine if we operate under the assimilation model that worked for two hundred years. But when we start seriously believing that our strength lies in “diversity,” we are doomed. Our strength lies in the unity that comes from all of us being Americans and embracing the values that made THIS country great.

Pat Buchanan & the Death of the West.

The commentator and presidential candidate caused quite a stir with this book. Wikipedia provides a succinct summary:

Buchanan argues that the United States will be a Third World Nation by the year 2050. He uses United Nations population statistics to analyze the recent trends in global populations, especially major declines in European nations and major increases in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Buchanan argues that the United States has a “nation within a nation” already. The population of 30 million foreign born (of which 11 million are illegal aliens) is larger than the entire population of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

This was written 16 years ago. At that time, he felt that changing values were destroying the country.

He also argues that the death of the Christian faith is the primary cause of low birth rates, hopelessness, and political utopianism. He cites examples of anti-Christian sentiment such as the negative reactions to Catholic films and the triumphant attitude of secularism. He says: “Western Man has decided he can disobey God without consequence and become his own God.” And at the same time: “The new hedonism seems unable to give people a reason to go on living.”

Buchanan’s solution was to repudiate the Left’s “national suicide” that is commonly referred to as Diversity.

He longed for a day when Western women would want to get pregnant and have babies to replace older people when they die.

But instead, the Western world (including the USA) places a higher value on women having careers first, and then birthing far fewer babies.

We also have the holocaust of abortion promoted so much by Planned Parenthood and liberalism in general.

We have to replace those lost children – and so we bring in millions of immigrants both legal and illegal.

Video: King on CNN in 2013 defending remarks on immigration.

Give Congressman King a break.

He doesn’t have a way with words. Fine. But someone answer this:

How did it become racist to desire to protect and preserve the culture of your own country?

As with so many left-wing ideas, this one probably got its start on liberal college campuses where truth is not truth, but rather what professors deem it to be. Unfortunately, the Left is committed to a total buy-in.

Those of us on the Right should support the preservation of Western Civilization, the concept of free societies, and a policy of reasonable immigration based on the assimilation model that our Founding Fathers gave us.

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