ARK Zone: Eastern European Nations Seek Refuge from Flood of Muslim Aliens As Muslim Immigration Floods Europe, New Non-Muslim Refugees Likely to Result

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By Ben Barrack

If you lived in Eastern Europe during the Cold War, you wanted to escape – to the west. The day is coming when citizens of Western European nations will want to escape to eastern European ones. Muslim immigrants are invading countries like Great Britain, France, Spain, Sweden and Italy.

Meanwhile, countries like Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia are taking a tough stand against Muslim immigration. As such, it’s not difficult to see where this may ultimately lead. Terror attacks will continue to rise in direct proportion to the rise in Muslim immigrants. As a result, non-Muslims in western Europe will increasingly look eastward, seeking refuge from the flood.

Map of Europe during Cold War

During the Cold War, which technically ended in 1989, the Soviets ruled with the iron fist of communism. Those on the eastern side of the Berlin wall yearned for the freedom of the west. As with everything socialist, the subjects of the Soviet Empire (USSR) were an impoverished lot.

Countries Building Arks

Just as Noah built the Ark to protect his family from the coming flood, some Eastern European nations are building their own fortresses against the flood of Islamic invasion. As a result, these nations will better protect themselves against what’s coming.


Prime Minister Viktor Orban has referred to Muslims who flee Syria as “invaders” he does not want in his country. Hence, he has drawn the ire of the hyper-politically correct European Union (EU).

Via Huffington Post:

Orban has taken frequent aim at the European Union’s refugee policies. He has fiercely protested the EU’s demand that Hungary take in about 1,300 refugees in an effort to distribute asylum claims throughout the continent. He’s spent millions of dollars on border fences, and called migration “a poison.” But his comments Monday were especially blatant in their appeal to religious and nationalist sentiments.

Moreover, Orban has also singled out George Soros as the primary villain. Soros has been a driving force in European immigration policies.

The larger issue is that Orban understands the real fight, which is a spiritual one. In the video below, Orban defends Hungary as being a Christian nation.

Most noteworthy is the degree to which Hungary defends itself against the coming flood. Especially relevant will be future elections. Either Hungarians will vote to continue building the Ark or they will follow the EU.


Polish leaders Szydio (L) and Morawiecki (R)

In Poland, the Law and Justice Party (PiS) is in power. PiS is nationalist and right-wing. As a result, Poland is seeking to leave the EU. In 2015, Beata Szydlo led the Presidential campaign of Andrzej Duda, which was the PiS candidate. She became Prime Minister when PiS won the parliamentary election.

Szydlo made no bones about her disgust for the EU. Shortly after coming to power, Szydlo had all EU flags removed from her press conferences. In addition, she replaced the clock in the meeting hall with a cross. Szydlo is a devout Catholic and one of her sons is a Catholic priest.

Late last year, Szydlo stepped down and became Deputy Prime Minister. Duda appointed Mateusz Morawiecki as the new Prime Minister. This appeared to be more of a strategic move – in dealing with the EU – than one of defeat. The PiS is still the ruling party and is very popular.

The country’s stance on immigration is a major reason:

Poland has also refused to take any Syrian or other refugees from the EU’s quota programme. Along with Hungary and the Czech Republic it is being sued by the European Commission at the European Court of Justice. The issue raises a more general fear that these states are breaching the EU’s liberal order and challenging what they see as a Brussels-imposed multicultural order that has supposedly failed in western Europe.

Last year, President Donald Trump delivered a speech while in Poland. In it, Trump espoused the same nationalist values that Poland has chosen. Hence, the crowd loved it:

Polish Pope St John Paul II Predicted Islamic Invasion

Last year, the Catholic Herald reported that Pope John Paul II predicted the Muslim invasion of Europe. According to the Pope’s assistant at the time – Mgr Mauro Longhi – the first Polish Pontiff relayed a vision he’d had while meeting with Longhi in 1992:

“The Pope told me: ‘Tell this to those whom you will meet in the Church of the third millennium. I see the Church afflicted by a mortal wound. More profound, more painful than those of this millennium,’ referring to Communism and Nazi totalitarianism. ‘It is called Islamism. They will invade Europe. I have seen the hordes come from the West to the East,’ and then told to me each country one by one: from Morocco to Libya to Egypt, and so on till the East.

“The Holy Father added: ‘They will invade Europe, Europe will be like a basement, old relics, shadows, cobwebs. Family heirlooms. You, the Church of the third millennium, must contain the invasion. Not with armies, armies will not be enough, but with your faith, lived with integrity.”

Poland very much reveres Pope John Paul II. This report is not lost on them. If words such as these – attributed to this Pope – indicate that Islam will be worse than Nazism, the Polish people are not likely to ignore them.

Furthermore, note that the Pope said the church of the 21st Century “must contain the invasion”, not stop it. Based on what the Eastern European countries are doing right now, that’s what they’re doing. That said, the people of these nations must continue to elect leaders that will continue building. If not, such nations could find themselves on the outside looking in.

Pope John Paul II

Czech Republic

As is the case with Hungary and Poland, the Czech Republic is led by a President who is no fan of the EU or its immigration policies. Incumbent Milos Zeman is pro-Israel. However, he refers to himself also as a “tolerant atheist”.

Though Zeman may not see the Islamic immigration issue as a spiritual one, he does seem to understand where it will lead.

In response to the EU’s requirement for member states to accept Muslim refugees, Zeman said:

“Only the future will show that this was a big mistake”.

When Al-Jazeera is calling you out for bigotry, it’s like those who mocked Noah. Rife with propaganda, one article entitled, “Czech Republic’s tiny Muslim community subject to hate” says it all. The content of the article also shows the author recognizes what’s going on in the region. In response, he plays the race card:

Like its eastern neighbours, Poland and Hungary, the Czech Republic’s attitude towards migrants soured in 2015 after an escalation of attacks in Western Europe and as the refugee crisis continued to unfold.

Czech leaders Zeman (L) and Babis (R) are anti-Islamic immigration

Conversely, the Daily Wire puts the situation differently, with an article entitled, “Czech Republic Joins Poland, Hungary And Slovakia In Refusing EU-Imposed Refugees”.

Of course, the cry of racism is simply the cry of liars.

While Zeman’s re-election is not guaranteed, CR elected a Zeman ally as Prime Minister last year. Andrej Babis is also anti-EU and Islamic immigration. The real power in CR comes from the government chosen and led by Babis.

Yet, both Zeman and Babis do face stiff opposition. If these men or their allies lose power, CR could take a more pro-EU stance.

Time will tell.


Though Austria was not part of the Soviet bloc during the Cold War, it was on the eastern most front of Europe. In short, it’s complicated.

Nonetheless, Austria is finding itself in the Ark Zone.

In October of last year, that country elected a 31 year-old named Sebastian Kurz Chancellor. Kurz is vehemently anti-Islamic immigration.

Prior to winning the election, Kurz was Austria’s Foreign Minister and a central figure in passing a law law that demanded assimilation by Muslims living in Austria.

Via the Daily Caller:

Austria enacted an integration law to promote Austrian culture among asylum seekers and refugees, but Muslims are furious about the religious restrictions it imposes.

The Integration Law, effective as of Oct. 1, bans Islamic face coverings in any public place and mandates that immigrants must sign an integration contract, take German language classes and classes on Austrian legal and social order, and pass an immigration exam proving their grasp of those topics.

Within two weeks, the Austrian people elected Kurz chancellor. By December, he was sworn in.

Two Young Leaders Represent Differences Between Western Europe and the Ark Zone

Kurz and France’s President Emmanuel Macron may both be young, but each man is taking his nation in a completely different direction. Kurz’s true ideological equivalent in France is Marine Le Pen, who also understands the Islamic threat to her nation. Unfortunately for France, Macron is the opposite of both. Macron won his country’s presidential election.

Youth is the only thing Kurz and Macron share in common. Something each man does not share is awareness of what’s coming:

Austria very much appears poised to confront Islamic immigration. In addition to Kurz’s win, the party that came in third may just be further right than him:

…Sebastian Kurz was sworn in as Austria’s new, and at 31, youngest-ever chancellor, leading a nationalist government that includes the country’s most virulent far-right party as coalition partners.

It seems that Kurz’s power, ambitions and plans to change Austria’s image are just as tenacious as his youth.

The youth of Kurz, coupled with the party in power, points to Austria being on the right side of history for the foreseeable future.


Another Eastern European country that has refused to accept Muslim immigrants, Slovakia already has a Muslim population under 1%. Prime Minister Robert Fico has made no secret about his distaste for Islam or the EU’s insistence that his country accept Muslim refugees.

In 2016, Slovakia passed a law that bans Islam from being a religion.

In 2015, Fico stated:

“As long as I am Prime Minister, mandatory quotas will not be implemented on Slovak territory.”

During a debate that same year, Fico left no room for doubt about where he stands on accepting Muslim immigrants:

“We monitor every single Muslim in Slovakia… We’re also ready to build barriers and fences around our territory if it proves to be of essence. Special forces are ready to engage with illegal migrants. Such a migrant will be arrested and sent away from Slovakia. In case of him perpetrating any crime, he will be punished as well.”

In a 2016 speech, Fico pointed to real examples in Western Europe to make his case. After doing so, Fico asserted that

“…the idea of a multicultural Europe has failed.”

He also demonstrated an understanding that most of the migrants are young men and that these Muslims do not desire immigration; they are invaders:

While Fico is adamantly opposed to accepting EU quotas on Muslim immigrants, he isn’t necessarily anti-EU. He also has a history that includes belonging to the Communist Party. Once identified as an atheist, Fico has been more open about his Catholic roots.

East Germany

Germany, the country most notoriously divided during the Cold War, may be replicating its past. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to flood her country with Muslim immigrants. Germany has more Muslims than any other European country except France. Merkel is very much pro-EU.

However, anti-Muslim immigration is on the rise. In German elections last year, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party made huge gains. AfD is now the third largest party in the country.

The party’s success is remarkable since it was only founded in 2015, by Alexander Gauland.

In response to his party’s gains last year, Gauland stated:

“…we don’t like Islamic invasion. But I think the refugee ‘welcome’ policy of Angela Merkel was the main reason for our success.”

As for the East/West dynamic inside Germany, the birth of AfD certainly began in the eastern city of Dresden in 2014. At the time, a populist anti-immigration movement known as PEGIDA took root there. In a very real sense, PEGIDA is to AfD what the Tea Party was to the House Freedom Caucus in the U.S.

Conversely, western Germany seems to be taking on much more water.

On New Year’s Eve in 2015, about 1000 Muslim men were involved in dozens of sexual assaults in the western city of Cologne. Western media outlets like the BBC neglected to mention the men were Muslim immigrants. Leaders and media ignored this very explosive anecdotal evidence that Muslim immigration is a very bad idea.

This too gave significant rise to AfD. Watch this video entitled, “The Night That Changed Germany’s Attitude To Refugees”:

Germany’s future remains quite unknown and uncertain but if the Berlin wall were ever to be resurrected, Germans could find themselves wanting to be on the eastern side of it when and if that happens.

Western Europe Invasion

Turkey’s Erdogan

Muslim Immigration into Europe has gotten noticed in recent years but it’s old news in many ways. When Turkey joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1952, it was a secular nation. Previously home to the Ottoman Empire, Turkey was more westernized. Elements within that country who wanted to transform it back into a Muslim fundamentalist nation have never gone away.

However, when Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to power, that all changed. In 1997, Erdogan worked to overthrow the secular government, which arrested and imprisoned him for doing so. In 2001, Erdogan founded the Muslim fundamentalist party known as Justice and Development Party (AKP). Today, he is the ruler of that country and wants to bring back the Ottoman Empire. He is an avid supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and has provided safe haven to Hamas leaders. The State Department recognizes Hamas as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

As the second largest nation in NATO behind the U.S., Turkey has significant power in that body. Especially relevant, the U.S. would have to come to Turkey’s defense if attacked; it’s in the charter.

Throughout the Obama administration, NATO and the U.S. served Turkey’s agenda by supporting the Arab Spring. The Muslim Brotherhood-inspired uprisings lit the fuse. Algerians and Moroccans fled to France and Spain. Libyans fled to Italy. Syrians passed through Turkey on their way all over Europe.

While the overthrow of Bashar Al-Assad did not happen in Syria, Turkey made the Syrian refugee crisis western Europe’s crisis.

As a result, Erdogan’s interests were served.

For additional irony, researchers are said to have found Noah’s actual Ark on a mountain in… Turkey.

The Evidence

In 2005, a Danish cartoonist depicted Islam’s prophet Mohammed as a dog. Muslims in Denmark Rioted.

In 2005, Muslims across Europe rioted in response to this cartoon.

In fact, they rioted all across Europe. Check out this video outside the Danish Embassy in London in early 2006:

More than a decade later, the Muslim invasion has become unmanageable:

In 2014, Ben Shapiro, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, posted an incredibly relevant video about why Islam doesn’t fit into non-Islamic societies:

Voices in Western Europe not Strong Enough

There are strong voices in Western Europe. The UK’s Nigel Farage, France’s Marine Le Pen and The Netherlands’ Geert Wilders. In fact, they may be stronger than their Eastern European counterparts. However, the flood waters – in this case, Muslim immigrants – are much higher there. Stemming the tide is much more difficult.

Garage helped to lead Brexit, Le Pen has risen in prominence and Wilders’ party has seen gains. However, they’ve also seen significant setbacks. While British voters chose to leave the EU, the fight continues. Londoners actually elected a stealth Muslim Brotherhood jihadist as their mayor in 2016. Le Pen suffered a resounding defeat to Macron in the Presidential election last year. Wilders was ahead of his time in Churchillian fashion but continues to see resistance from his own countrymen.

Wilders, Le Pen and Farage trying to build an Ark but Flood waters rising

How Did We Get Here?

According to the Pew Research Center, the Muslim population of Europe has increased from 29.6 million in 1990 to 44.1 million in 2010. The fall of the Soviet Union played a significant role. In fact, the U.S. and NATO aligned with the Mujahideen (Muslim Brotherhood) in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the Soviet-Afghan war, which ended in 1989 as well.

Westerners embraced their new allies. After all, they helped defeat the Soviets. They couldn’t be all bad, right? One of the men at the tip of that spear was none other than Reaganite Grover Norquist. In 2015, the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) founder and president essentially admitted it during an interview with Glenn Beck.

Here is the relevant audio:

Norquist represented a new, extremely dangerous mindset.

The Reagan administration made a strategic decision to help the Mujahideen (Muslim Brotherhood) defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980’s. Instead of severing ties with the Brotherhood after victory, the U.S. leaders – beginning with George H.W. Bush – embraced them. In the more than two decades since, so has western civilization generally.

The early 90’s saw the west embrace the Muslim Brotherhood. The early 21st century really began to show the bitter fruits of that embrace.

In the near future, we could see a reversal Western Europe conquered by Islam. As a result, we could see western Europeans trying to board the Ark to the east in an effort to save themselves.

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