Margaret Thatcher Helped Pave the Way for Theresa May to Surrender to Islam Iconic British Leader Opened Arms of Her Country to Islamic Invasion

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By Ben Barrack

Margaret Thatcher has three things in common with with current Prime Minister Theresa May. Both served as Prime Ministers of Great Britain; both are women; and both embrace(d) the expansion of Islam in their own country.

It was Thatcher who was on hand to open a Mosque in her own country, the Islamic Centre of Kensington:

In 1981, Thatcher traveled to Pakistan and rallied a crowd of Muslim fundamentalists. After she expressed her solidarity with them, they chanted, ‘Allah-Akbar’. It’s also noteworthy that the voiceover interpreted those cries as expressing their support. Today, we know that’s not true because of what the phrase means:

Here is the audio only (much clearer):

Was Thatcher at Fault?

Islamic Centre of Kensington. Thatcher present at opening ceremony in 1984.

You may argue that the west’s alliance with the Mujahideen was necessary to defeat the Soviet Union. What you cannot argue is that it was a good idea to facilitate the growth of Islam inside Great Britain – or inside the U.S. for that matter. History has proven that.

Thatcher was a tough lady, for sure. She was tough in the fight against the Soviet Union in the cold war.

Thatcher and then President Ronald Reagan made strategic decisions in the fight against the Soviets. They thought it best to align with the Mujahideen to fight the greater fight. They very well may have been right.

When the Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan, western leaders made grave mistakes. It’s apparent now that they wanted to express gratitude to the Mujahideen for helping take down Soviet Russia.

Unfortunately, a sound strategic decision paved the way for extremely foolish ones.

Western leaders may or may not be at fault for aligning with the Muslim Brotherhood in Pakistan. Thatcher definitely was at fault for embracing Islam in her own country.

In addition to the rise in Muslim population there, a skyrocketing rise in the number of mosques can be seen as well.

The photo below illustrates perfectly how far the Brotherhood has come in Great Britain. When Thatcher was present for the opening of the Islamic Centre in Kensington of South London, she did not cover her head. However, when May visits mosques in her own country, she does cover her head.

As revered as Thatcher may be, she did help to usher in the current age.

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