Diagnosing the UNHINGED Left’s DEFENSE of ISLAMIC and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION Leftists are Really Afflicted with an ACTUAL DISEASE

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By Ben Barrack


Those on the left view conservatives as their primary enemy. Leftists will defend the Islamic invasion of their country. They will defend illegal aliens. They will defend terrorists and corrupt government. As a result, leftists defend those who pose a great threat to their survival. Instead, they fight those who are not only no threat at all but want seek the protection of all Americans.

Pro-Islamic Protesters have an actual disease.

Leftists are actually happy to see Trump’s travel ban shot down. They say it’s a dog whistle and that it’s really a “Muslim ban”. The truth is that the travel ban, which would prevent travel into the U.S. from seven countries, is sensible. It is a proactive step to reduce the possibility that terrorists enter the U.S. Leftists, however, defend terrorists and fail to understand that doing so actually puts those leftists in danger.

When Muslim terrorists attack U.S. cities, they do not go after conservatives. They go after Americans. If Muslim terrorists had the same enemy as leftists, they wouldn’t have attacked Boston, New York City, San Bernardino, or a gay night club in Orlando.

Leftists see the U.S. Ninth Circuit of Appeals’ ruling as a victory because it repudiates Trump. As a result, they fail to see the harm they are wishing upon themselves. In essence, they are siding with those who want them dead.

Leftists Embrace Stealth Islamic Jihad

Consider CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. The son of a Muslim scholar, Zakaria likes to portray himself as basically agnostic. In reality, he’s deceitful.

Zakaria’s Muslim fundamentalist father died in 2005. In an interview Fareed gave to the Village Voice, he said the following:

“I do know a lot about the world of Islam in an instinctive way that you can’t get through book learning,” he says thoughtfully, but admits he finds the role of token Muslim explainer in the American media slightly uncomfortable. “I occasionally find myself reluctant to be pulled into a world that’s not mine, in the sense that I’m not a religious guy.”

The basic question the left-wing media never seems interested in is how Fareed (an agnostic) got along with a Muslim fundamentalist father? That doesn’t happen. Instead, Fareed is allowed to stealthily support the Islamic agenda.

Instead of having a glaring conflict of interest exposed (his Muslim background), Fareed’s allowed to be seen as making a rational case against Trump’s travel ban:

Somehow, leftists are content staying in Zakaria’s corner. In 2010, Zakaria returned an award he received from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) because the group opposed construction of the Ground Zero mosque.

The threat of stealth jihad and Islamic infiltration of the U.S. is among the most dangerous. Yet, leftists aid and abet the effort because, well, the stealth jihad helps them fight their primary enemy.

Illegal Aliens

Last year, then candidate Donald Trump pointed out the obvious. He said Mexico was sending its worst people to the U.S. In particular, rapists and murderers. Yet, instead of acknowledging this basic reality, the leftists painted Trump as a racist who labeled all Mexicans as such.

The number of murders caused by illegal aliens who came from south of America’s border are on the rise. Where is the outrage from the left over the murder of Kate Steinle, who was killed when a five times-deported illegal alien shot her in the head?

Instead, the likes of leftist Democrat politician Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) defends illegal aliens:

Illegal immigration is not just about allowing Mexican gangs and criminals into the U.S. It’s also about mass Muslim invasion. All one has to do is look at what’s been going on in Europe for years now. Instead of standing up for their sovereignty, leftists actually defend these invaders:

In 2006, Muslims protested a Danish cartoon in London outside Denmark’s embassy. It’s clear it was about much more than simply protesting a cartoon. These Muslims were calling for conquest:

Again, why would leftists choose to defend people who would do ANY and ALL Americans harm instead of stand with Trump?

Stockholm Syndrome

Leftists doing the work of Muslim Invaders (L) and bank employees did the work of Captors in 1973 (R).

In 1973, a bank in Sweden was robbed and several of the bank’s employees were taken hostage. The siege lasted for several days. The bank employees, however, became more than just hostages to their captors; they became assets. The captives actually defended their captors against police attempts to rescue them. This is how the term came to be.

It’s clear that leftists are afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome. This phenomenon occurs when a hostage or captive – figurative in this sense – believes that the best chance of survival is to defend his or her captor.

Islam is actually translated to mean “submission”. That very meaning is at the core of Stockholm Syndrome. Islam uses intimidation to get people to do its will. In stealth jihad, cagey Islamic figures with an agenda shower its targets with praise and “interfaith dialogue”. Once it has its subjects, those subjects will defend Islam against those who understand what is really happening.

Here is Stockholm Syndrome explained:

Now, once you can look at the behavior of the left through a diagnosis of Stockholm Syndrome, have a look at their actual behavior:

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