Will America Vote for a Violent & Socialist Democratic Party? We have reached another "Time For Choosing." What would Ronald Reagan do?

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Aug 9, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Perhaps the headline of the day after the Republican Troy Balderson was leading Democrat Danny O’Connor in Ohio’s special congressional election was from NBC. The network wrote:

“Democrats are losing this race, and they’re thrilled about it.”

That seems to be the left-wing, mainstream media response to some close electoral battles – essentially that the Republicans may have won — but they’re just hanging on, and hatred of President Trump will finish them off.

They could be right.

Hatred of Donald Trump has proven to be a force in getting out the vote. But on the other side of the aisle, Democrats and associated progressive groups have turned violent – and socialist. In November, America will decide if we want to go that way.

The face of “Democratic Socialism” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Do we want tax cuts, a strong GDP, lots of jobs and better trade deals? Or do we want the Party of violence and socialism?

Trump’s record vs. the Democrats’ anti-American tilt.

President Trump has presided over a cornucopia of successes.

The Mainstream Media and the Democrats do what they can to downplay the amazing GDP numbers, the record number of jobs being created and even Trump’s dealings with North Korea that may someday turn into a breakthrough.

Video: A sampler of violence at Berkeley

While Trump’s successes are suppressed in the media, the Democrats have become a very different party from what they were in the glory days of FDR and JFK – and media does not seem to care.

Here are some examples:

• Democrats have become a party of brats and thugs that must have their own way, starting with the Snowflake movement at the University of Missouri.
• Dems have come out against free speech, the party that shouts down opponents and throws bricks through windows at places like Cal-Berkeley.
• Dems were behind the “Memory Hole” movement to expunge all traces of our history during the time of the Confederacy.
• Dems have become the party of open borders and depend on changing demographics to stay in power.
• Dems are the party of voter fraud.
• Dems are the party of high taxes and Big Government.
• Democrats take to the streets when they lose an election or don’t get their waythey are the party of violence.
• Democrats have become the party of socialism – with “Democratic Socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the new face of the party.

Video: Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Republicans are happy to pay for tax cuts and “unlimited war” but the GOP, and some Democrats, don’t see “Medicare-for-all” or other progressive ideas as financially feasible.

We have reached another “Time For Choosing.”

I know what the great Ronald Reagan would do. He would condemn the current trends in the Democrat Party in no certain terms. He would point out what made America great and what can lead to our demise.

What will Americans decide in November? The party of free markets and a booming economy? Or the party of violence and socialism?


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