What Trump understood and Hillary didn’t How could any candidate win by promising to continue policies that were hurting so many people?

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By Lynn Woolley

Donald Trump has an amazing ability to see things that others don’t see. He’s done it in business. He did it during the primary. And during the campaign against Hillary Clinton, his insight was nothing short of amazing.

donald-trump-immigration-claimsTrump got the fact that much of America felt ignored and abandoned.

Trump saw people – the media characterized them as uneducated white men – hurting under the Obama economy. These people were hard workers – but saw their wages stagnant since the financial meltdown. Some had dropped out of the labor force. They were dealing with rising healthcare premiums and some had lost their doctors or their insurance plans. For them, America was not great.

Trump saw this and promised to help. Hillary Clinton ran as if all was well –and proclaimed that she would continue in the footsteps of President Obama. And that killed her chances.

It seems so simple now that it’s over. 

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Think about it. How could any candidate win by promising to continue policies that were hurting so many people? Obama was concerned with climate change, and with taking money from those who earned it to give it to people who did not. He was race-based to the max – and destroyed the unity of the country. He was politically correct and desired open borders – even for people from countries tied to terrorism. He did not create jobs outside of government. The country’s GDP was in the toilet. The world during his tenure in office was on fire.

Hillary Clinton, in a political stupor, promised to continue all this. The people heard her loud and clear and, with California as a notable exception, voted for the other guy. They voted for the one that promised not to forget those who work hard and take home less money.

This was a change election in some ways. It was a repudiation election in other ways. It wasn’t just that Hillary Clinton was an unremarkable candidate; it was that she promised to “build” on what Obama had started. She failed to see that Obama had presided over a declining America in which people worried that their kids would not have a better life than they had enjoyed.

trump-america-greatTrump saw it all.

His slogan, “Make America Great Again,” accomplished two things. First, it insinuated that America under Obama (and, by extension, Hillary) was no longer great. Second, it stated that he would offer the antidote – the changes needed to make it what it ought to be – what it once was.

It was a bit of policy and a bit of nostalgia –a harkening back to the glory days of President Ronald Reagan — at a time when the current president no longer considered America exceptional.

Hillary glommed onto the Obama train – and it became a train wreck as Obamacare spiraled into unaffordable premiums and the GDP remained low and salaries stayed flat. Hillary spoke glowingly of a failing president at every stop while Trump called for massive change to make America great. Trump didn’t just “get: it – he grokked it.

The Democrats still don’t get it.

They blame everything but the fact that their policies failed. They blame racism, white supremacists, Wikileaks, FOX News, Talk Radio, FBI Director Comey, and the Russians. But Trump knows better. His instincts are amazing. He could see that many Americans were suffering under Obama and that millions of them were ready for change.

If his instincts stay true, and he focuses on his agenda as many suspect he will – and if he truly makes America great again, the Democratic Party is all but dead.


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