Trump Should Take A Break from Transition and Take Down Hillary ONCE AND FOR ALL

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Nov 26, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

At this point, it would be a conspiracy theory NOT to believe George Soros is involved in the attempt to steal the election from Trump. The hardcore, wealthy left-wing ideologue has provided voting technology to 16 states. In real time, we’re able to watch Jill Stein – the presidential candidate for Ralph Nader’s Green Party – garner millions of dollars in faux donations. The purpose of course is to overturn the results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania so Hillary can be declared President.

Stein continues to give interviews to CNN in which she bemoans “hacks” to election machines in the three states Hillary needs flipped (that’s just a coincidence).

Until now, this clamoring came only from Stein. Now that the effort appears to be getting some traction on the left, camp Hillary is jumping on the bandwagon:

The ultimate irony, of course, should be addressed by Chris Wallace of Fox News during his Fox News Sunday show tomorrow. After all, it was Wallace who asked Trump – and only Trump (not Hillary) – if he would accept the election results during the third debate.

When Trump demurred and answered the question by saying he would “look at it at the time”, it was Hillary who called Trump’s stance ‘horrifying’ before stressing the importance of honoring and respecting the results. It was Hillary who conceded on election night and is now trying to steal the election. If you’re paying attention, you should choke on this irony:

Team Trump should point to that clip over and over whenever it is asked to respond to Hillary’s challenge of the results.

What Trump should NOT do is allow Hillary to do what Al Franken did in 2008. In the election for U.S. Senator of Minnesota, Coleman won narrowly on election night. Yet, recount after recount was permitted until Franken won. Even U.S. News and World Report conceded that Franken won as the result of fraud.

According to the Gateway Pundit – courtesy of a screen shot – it very much looks like Stein’s effort to solicit donations for the recount is, well, rigged for lack of a better term. In reality, a bot appears to have been engaged during the dead of night to donate $160,000 per hour on the hour to the effort.

This smacks of Soros and Trump needs to do what he did during the campaign. He needs to call it out, tear it out by the root and shame team Hillary one more time.


In fact, Huma Abedin’s sister Heba got in on this action earlier this week via Facebook. However, Heba Abedin soon thereafter deleted her post. Perhaps because she didn’t fully understand the strategy. She appeared to think that the DOJ would be spearheading the effort instead of Stein.

Should the left decide to push this, Trump should publicly announce and finally call attention to the most wide open secret in the history of America. That secret is the fact that Huma – Hillary’s closest confidante for years – is herself a Muslim Brotherhood / Saudi spy.

Huma (L) and Heba (R)

Huma (L) and Heba (R)

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