Trump quotes Barbara Jordan on Immigration, riles Democrats Democrats now advocate mostly for people from other countries who should not be here.

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Jan 18, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The head of the Texas Democratic Party is outraged.

Gilberto Hinojosa is mad because President Trump used a quote from the late Texas Congresswoman and Civil Rights Leader Barbara Jordan as a justification for his immigration policy. The quote he used is this:

“It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”

In the mid-nineties, this was not an uncommon belief among Democrats. 

President Trump presides over a meeting about immigration with Republican and Democrat members of Congress in the Cabinet Room at the White House Jan. 9 (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

It’s no surprise that Jordan, and others such as Cesar Chavez would not have been in line with current left-wing thinking processes.

No matter. Hinojosa stated that Mr. Trump is not worthy of uttering her name. But go back into the record, and look at video of Barbara Jordan on immigration.

It’s easy to get the impression that she’s more in line with President Trump than with current Democrats.

In the 21st Century, Democrats are all in for illegal aliens.

It’s quite amazing how Democrats seem to have abandoned much of their prior political base – American citizens – and now advocate mostly for people from other countries who should not be here.

Barbara Jordan (Wikipedia)

Whether the Dems are counting on a permanent underclass for government to service, believe that they will be the recipients of all these people’s votes once they’re granted citizenship, or are just catering to current trends of political correctness – it’s still appalling.

[Barbara Jordan made a major speech on immigration at the 1995 conference of United We Stand America.  You can view it here.  Note her exceptional introduction by H. Ross Perot.]

Just in the last couple of days, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin – the same guy who ran like a tattletale weasel to the media claiming Trump called Haiti a sh*thole, exclaimed that he is working full time for the Dreamers.

Tucker Carlson, on his FOX News Channel show, interviewed a Chicago alderman who considers illegals to be just part of his constituency.

Video: 1995 Barbara Jordan Press Conference on Legal Immigration Recommendations

No wonder Trump was elected.

Donald Trump promised not to forget the neglected American worker who’s losing his job to illegals or technology. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were saying – what neglected workers?

Video: Barbara Jordan speaks on the need to reduce immigration

That brings us back to what Hinojosa said.

The Texas Democratic Party chairman was livid that Donald Trump would dare quote a liberal icon like Barbara Jordan:

“As a Texan, an American, and a human being, I am insulted that Trump would invoke Barbara Jordan’s name to promote his racist and dangerous immigration agenda. This trailblazing daughter of Texas was devoted to the Democratic ideals that helped shape the America we live in today. She was a champion for justice. Donald Trump is not worthy of uttering her name.”

Mr. Hinojosa might recall that protecting our borders used to be a Democratic ideal.

Video: “What a LOATHSOME Little Demagogue You Are!” Tucker OBLITERATES Chicago Liberal on Immigration — and cannot get simple answers to basic questions.

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  1. BenVincent says:

    If the democrats were still the way they were during the Barbara Jordan years I might still be a democrat.
    But they have warped themselves into the most hateful jumble of anti American value idiots.

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